Artificial Grass & Artificial Turf in Frisco, Texas

Artificial Grass FriscoArtificial Grass Frisco delivers fantastic custom designs for home landscapes.  Additionally, artificial turf in Frisco, Texas creates beautiful landscapes for commercial properties as well.  NexGen Lawns artificial grass Frisco installers deliver numerous options.  Some include backyard putting greens, lawns and gardens, sporting fields, dog runs, playgrounds, and parks.  Our artificial grass Frisco can even be applied over numerous surfaces, like concrete or wood.  Thus, whichever area you want remodeling, the professional team at NexGen Lawns can help.

NexGen Lawns artificial grass Frisco comes with strong soft fibers for a realistic setting.  We carry highly functioning synthetic grass made from quality materials.  Therefore, our fake grass in Frisco can suit numerous types of environments.  Our professional skilled fake turf installers can deliver your artificial grass Frisco installation with excellent results.  Therefore, contact us to begin your new artificial grass Frisco landscaping makeover.

Artificial Grass Frisco Options

Do you want to start a fake grass remodel in Frisco, Texas?  Then, please take some time to read about NexGen Lawns artificial grass Frisco options below.  While these are only some of our fake turf options, please contact our staff to learn more about artificial grass Frisco options and advantages.

Residential Artificial Grass Frisco

Residential Artificial Grass FriscoIs the home lawn becoming a nuisance?  Wish you could stop mowing for good?  Then, residential artificial grass Frisco can solve the issue.  Synthetic lawn grass stops the weekend lawn chores through plush strong synthetic fibers.  Instead of mowing, pushing the fertilizer spreader, or dragging out the hose – you’ll have a gorgeous green fake lawn with no work.  Plus, you’ll even free up space in the garage getting rid of the bulky lawnmower.  Residential artificial grass Frisco gives the whole family a full green lawn to play on or just relax.  In addition, a fake grass lawn is great for the family pup too!

Residential artificial grass Frisco provides for many kinds of usage around the home.  Some of these include dazzling displays between stone pavers, placement around the swimming pool, or across patios.  Plus, fake grass creates amazing commercial landscapes!  Synthetic grass lawns change the impossible to grow areas into a full faux yard.  Additionally, a fake lawn helps to save your water usage.  This means a lower summer watering bill without a wasteful sod yard.  To put up the mower for good, call today for residential artificial grass Frisco!

Artificial Turf Frisco for Dogs

Artificial Turf Frisco for DogsIs it time to give your dog or dogs a space just for them?  Then, artificial turf Frisco for dogs through the installers of NexGen Lawns can help rescue the lawn.  Many dog owners struggle with a browned lawn from active running or potty breaks.  However, synthetic dog lawns provide a great dog surface that doesn’t yellow or brown.  Artificial dog grass provides an exceptionally durable surface for playful canine paws.  Plus, it keeps muddy dog paws from coming inside with a fast-draining system.  Dogs of all sizes can enjoy the soft dog-friendly synthetic fibers on the lawn.

Artificial turf Frisco for dogs works great for dog care businesses.  Some include dog boarding, manner training schools, dog day spas, and even doggy parks.  Many of these businesses are choosing dog turf for their clients due to its durability.  Artificial turf Frisco for dogs is built with amazing durability to handle many doggy paws at once.  Plus, the dog yard looks great throughout the year.  Artificial dog grass helps to save these businesses in monthly lawn care costs.  Additionally, fake dog turf gives indoor training classes or kennels a strong realistic space to use as well.  So, start giving your fur babies a strong fake grass surface through NexGen Lawns.

Synthetic Turf Frisco for Sports Fields

Synthetic Turf FriscoIs it time to change your sports field into a truly multipurpose field with an astro turf style playing surface?  Then, synthetic turf Frisco for sports fields can give you a multi-use field at your sporting complex.  You can accommodate multiple sports like football, lacrosse, soccer, baseball, or field hockey all through synthetic turf athletic fields.  Plus, artificial turf provides a surface area for other activities, classes, or special events.  Now, multiple events and sports can use the same field together.  All through the quality synthetic sports fields from NexGen Lawns!  Plus, your sporting complex can include many new sporting games and events throughout the year.

Why be limited to your field accessibility?  When synthetic turf Frisco for sports fields gives your sports club a year-round field!  Unlike regular fields, artificial turf stays ready for game time through an always green field.  Therefore, artificial turf will reduce your field maintenance of fertilizing, watering, and trimming.   Students, players, and coaches will all have more field usage available to them now.  Additionally, synthetic sports turf gives indoor facilities a durable surface for agility training, indoor sporting fields, and batting cages.  Start enjoying the benefits today – contact us for a synthetic turf sports field in Frisco, Texas.

Backyard Putting Green Frisco

Backyard Putting Green FriscoHow would you like to have the easy availability of playing golf directly at home?  With the assistance of NexGen Lawns backyard putting green Frisco installers you can have that access!  Synthetic home putting greens creates an excellent addition at homes for any golfer.  Backyard putting greens help the recreational golfer or professional.  All through having the availability to play in their own golfing hands.  There are no closing times or even monthly dues to deal with.  Plus, you don’t have to mess with any tiresome maintenance through a beautiful synthetic green.

NexGen Lawns can provide backyard putting green Frisco to homes or even businesses.  Want to add a fun zone to your restaurant or workplace?  Then, we can assist you!  An indoor or outdoor artificial putting green can help liven up your business with tons of putting fun.  Additionally, we install and remodel driving ranges, tee mats, and full golf courses.  Artificial grass for golf reduces the costly upkeep of watering and mowing.  Therefore, this helps to save your golf course or club in lawn costs.  We have the expert golfing turf professionals to help you right in Frisco!

Playground Turf Frisco

Playground Turf FriscoIs it time for a change in your kid’s play space?  Are you tired of seeing dusty dirt surround your kids as they play?  Then, make the switch to the child-friendly playground turf Frisco!  Artificial grass for swing sets gives an excellent area for children to play.  How so?  This is due to the strong quality fake grass fibers that provide a softer play surface.  In addition, synthetic grass for playgrounds can even have additional cushion added through a foam base.  This extra padding helps to soften the ground and protect kids while at play.  Playground turf can be used under play equipment or across the entire lawn.

Playground turf Frisco gives a softer and strong play spot for even city parks, school play yards, and daycares.  Many schools and childcare facilities have added artificial playground turf into their playgrounds.  Plus, kids even have more opportunities to play outside with the quickness of the drainage system.  This means less canceled recess times due to the ground being too wet.  In addition, caregivers and teachers will have cleaner shoes coming back inside without dirt, rocks, or mud.  Items like dirt, pebble rocks, or mulch placed as the ground cover can quickly turn messy!  So, start enjoying recess and backyard fun with clean playground turf Frisco today!

Why Opt For NexGen Lawns’ Artificial Turf in Frisco?

Temperature changes can be problematic for any lawn, and residents of Frisco, Texas are not strangers to such weather adjustments. Ranging from hot summers to cooler winters (though, locals will say that an average winter temperature of 35 degrees is better than many parts of the cold United States), northern Texans know a thing or two about seasonal change.

And there is no question that even if the residents don’t mind it much, the grass certainly doesn’t take well to this change. Considering the change to artificial grass in Frisco is a great alternative!

However, you might recognize that your natural grass is turning yellow or pale green in late spring or early summer. This can actually be caused by common fungal diseases, which take hold in moist cooler climates. This particular climate makes winters in Frisco, Texas partial to disease. But as the fungus seeps through your lawn over the winter months, you might not even recognize the damage it is doing, since symptoms typically don’t appear until the weather begins to warm up. If untreated, this can be problematic.

You have seen this common disease rip through natural grass time and time again, often bringing unsightly discoloration to your yard, and have likely paid money to have it treated in order to get back that luscious green look. However, artificial turf in residential Frisco could be your answer.

Frisco artificial grass has many advantages, and one of them is that you will no longer have to worry about the discoloration of your beautiful yard due to weather change and fungus. Make the choice today to have the best artificial turf in Frisco by turning to the artificial lawn experts at NexGen Lawns.

To purchase of Artificial Grass Frisco, contact NexGen Lawns Artificial Turf Installers in Frisco, Texas today.  Ask us for a FREE NO OBLIGATION QUOTE.