NexGen Lawns Artificial Grass Framingham, Artificial Turf in Framingham, MA

Home Synthetic Grass FraminghamThe search for the highest quality of artificial grass in Framingham is easy by selecting the professional team at NexGen Lawns in Massachusetts.  We service artificial grass in Framingham and surrounding metro areas with superior turf products.  NexGen Lawns carries finely crafted synthetic grass in Framingham to cover multiple areas from dog runs, home putting greens, parks, playgrounds, sporting turf, and landscaping turf.  Plus, our artificial grass Framingham applications include both residential homes and commercial properties.  Therefore, the ones to contact for artificial turf in Framingham are NexGen Lawns!

We offer a complete and professional installation of artificial grass in Framingham for both indoor surfaces and outdoor applications.  Our highly proficient artificial grass Framingham installers bring exceptional skill levels to provide you with a fully completed installation.  Therefore, if you are looking for a new artificial grass Framingham solution, call NexGen Lawns to discuss your specific project to remodel.

Artificial Grass Framingham Options

Whether you are looking for an outdoor surface or indoor artificial grass Framingham surface, NexGen Lawns has many options to suit your needs.  Below are a few of the artificial grass Framingham options to help you in learning more about our products and the benefits of fake grass.

Home Synthetic Grass Framingham

Synthetic Grass FraminghamNexGen Lawns can help you with your home landscaping projects with our amazingly beautiful home synthetic grass in Framingham.  The home lawn can quickly change from a beautiful full green lawn to a dried and patched-together lawn.  Therefore, give yourself a new landscape through home synthetic grass Framingham.  Our top-quality fake grass comes with minimal maintenance to give you more time away from working on the lawn.  This means more free time to do other things besides mowing, spreading harsh lawn chemicals, and watering.  Plus, you’ll even see lower watering bills with the use of artificial grass Framingham at your home.

Home synthetic grass Framingham provides you with a lawn that stays green all year; therefore, making it a perfect choice for any space.  The areas where you could never grow grass from shade or other issues can now have a full faux grass covering.  Plus, home synthetic grass Framingham offers you an unbelievably soft surface that transforms hard surfaces including decks and concrete patios.  Our highly skilled fake turf Framingham installers can place the lush feeling turf around your swimming pool to give your feet a nice surface.  Plus, you won’t have wet grass pieces sticking to your feet when you try to enter or exit the pool.

Artificial Grass Framingham for Dogs

Artificial Grass FraminghamDoes your dog keep tracking back mud into the house?  Then, give your dogs a dry surface through artificial grass Framingham for dogs.  At NexGen Lawns, we offer dog-friendly artificial grass that comes equipped with a fast-draining system.  This means after it rains the artificial turf quickly dries without any mud.  No more dirty dog paws to wipe up or clean off the tracks on the carpet.  The drainage system not only drains rainwater but also quickly flushes pet urine through for fewer smells.  Plus, our excellent quality of synthetic turf fibers does not yellow from potty breaks.  You’ll have a full green lawn with artificial grass Framingham for dogs.

Artificial grass Framingham for dogs not only gives residential homes a high-quality lawn but dog businesses too.  We can assist your dog daycares, boarding schools, training centers, and dog spas to have a cleaner dog yard and kennels.  Our artificial dog turf is built to handle large traffic volumes through exceptional durability.  Plus, your dog business will have lower maintenance costs through the mower-free artificial grass Framingham for dogs.  Dogs will have a lawn to exercise, play, and train that comes free of toxic lawn fertilizers.  Thus, give your pets a cleaner yard through NexGen Lawns artificial grass Framingham for dogs.

Artificial Turf Framingham for Sport Fields

Artificial Turf FraminghamAthletic playing fields can endure high levels of traffic for games, practices, and tournaments.  Therefore, give your school or athletic club a strong field built to handle the high volume through artificial turf Framingham for sport fields.  Grass fields can break down prematurely leaving your athletes left with a dangerous field to play on.  NexGen Lawns gives you a field with the strength needed to give a consistent athletic field throughout the year.  Additionally, artificial turf gives fields less upkeep to offer more playing time on the field.  This also helps to reduce your field maintenance expenses to save money.

Artificial turf Framingham for sport fields provides a multi-sport surface for indoor and outdoor athletic fields.  Sports like softball, soccer, field hockey, baseball, football, and lacrosse can all utilize the same artificial turf field.  This helps to eliminate the need for numerous fields with a multipurpose astro turf style field.  Plus, you can host more events throughout the season on our highly durable synthetic playing fields.  The strong artificial turf surface gives a mud-free playing field; thus, fewer cancellations due to wet grounds.  If you would like to have more field time throughout the whole year, then call NexGen Lawns to learn more about our artificial turf Framingham for sport fields.

Backyard Putting Green Framingham

Backyard Putting Green FraminghamHave you thought about being able to play golf at home?  In that case, let the professionals at NexGen Lawns customize a backyard putting green Framingham for you.  We offer exceptional quality of synthetic golfing grass to give you a high-end putting green at home.  Instead of golfing on set hours, you can golf when you please right at your own home.  This will help you maintain and even improve your golfing skills.  A backyard putting green Framingham can go directly in the lawn, on top of your deck, patio, or even inside.  Wherever the location, call NexGen Lawns for your synthetic green in the Framingham, Massachusetts area.

Want to add an attractive new amenity to your commercial businesses?  Then, give your guests a unique touch with a commercial putting green Framingham.  We offer commercial synthetic putting greens, tee lines, and golf courses.  Our installers can revamp your current business or add a new synthetic green.  Either way, you will have a lush golfing surface to offer throughout the year without the demanding upkeep.  This means you’ll save greatly in reducing your maintenance costs through synthetic grass.  For your synthetic golfing greens at home or business – call NexGen Lawns for a putting green in Framingham, MA.

Playground Turf Framingham

Playground Turf FraminghamIs your back lawn around the playset in need of a better surface?  Then, playground turf Framingham by the installers of NexGen Lawns can give you a cleaner play area.  Playgrounds and swing sets make growing grass beneath them rather difficult leaving you stuck with dirt.  Plus, when any grass does grow it requires tedious edging around the base.  Playground turf Framingham gives you a surface without any edging and an always green surface free of any hazardous fertilizer treatments.  Children can go outside to play without tracking back dirt and mud back inside the house now.

The use of playground turf in Framingham not only creates cleaner play spaces at home, but schools, daycares, and parks.  The faux grass ground covering brings a neat surface, unlike mulch, pebbles, or grass that can get kicked everywhere.  Most importantly, fake turf comes with soft padding underneath the turf to give extra protection to children.  This additional foam pad aids in shock absorption to keep kids safe while playing at the playground.  We can add colorful playgrounds not only outside, but indoor playrooms and gyms.  Green is not the only color either, we offer many different colored turf selections to bring a fun-filled surface for kids.

For the purchase of artificial grass in Framingham, call NexGen Lawns at 1-888-844-0672  for our professional artificial turf installers in Framingham, Massachusetts.  Ask us for a FREE NO OBLIGATION QUOTE.