NexGen Lawns Artificial Grass Edmond, Artificial Turf in Edmond, OK

Artificial grass Edmond through the professionals at NexGen Lawns gives residential homes and businesses a stunning landscape.  Our fake grass Edmond installers offer many options from lawns, commercial spaces, putting greens, play parks, dog lawns, and sporting fields.  Our amazing quality of fake grass provides for multiple applications and many kinds of environments.  Thus, giving you a realistic and professionally installed artificial grass surface both at home and at your business.

Our amazing team of NexGen Lawns installers delivers beautiful fake grass landscaping results.  Perfect for both outdoor living areas and indoor applications!  Our highly skilled fake turf Edmond installers deliver excellent end results to leave your newly revamped space looking amazing.  So, to start taking advantage of a well-sculpted lawn, call the team of installers at NexGen Lawns.

Artificial Grass Edmond Options

Are you ready to change your landscape to artificial turf in Edmond?  Then, take a moment to review some of our artificial grass Edmond options below.  To find out more about artificial grass in Edmond on the advantages and options, contact NexGen Lawns today.

Residential Artificial Turf Edmond

Residential Artificial Turf EdmondEver wonder what it would be like to not have to mow or water the yard?  Well, you can experience just that through residential artificial turf Edmond through the pros with NexGen Lawns.  Artificial grass Edmond provides homes with gorgeous landscaped yards.  Plus, not only can you hang up the mower, but the edger and fertilizer spreader as well.  The reduction in yard work allows for more relaxation time.  Or other hobbies with the extra time you’ll have on your hands.  Faux home grass provides a whole family lawn for adults, kids, and even pets.  Plus, the soft fake grass reduces dirt-tracked shoes or mud from coming indoors.

Residential artificial turf Edmond allows for multiple design schemes outside or even indoors.  Fake grass can go around the pool, make life-size checkerboards, work around gardening stones, and even in the driveway.  So many possibilities with fake grass Edmond!  Our fake turf in Edmond can be placed over decks, balconies, terraces, and even rooftops.   Additionally, artificial grass Edmond provides commercial office spaces with green and trimmed landscapes.  NexGen Lawns’ residential artificial turf Edmond has been delivering well-landscaped lawns throughout Edmond, and we can do the same at your household!  So, contact us to start enjoying the water and mowing-free lawn solutions through residential artificial turf Edmond!

Artificial Grass Edmond for Dogs

Artificial Grass Edmond for DogsDoes the backyard look more like a rugged terrain from the dog?  Wish you could start seeing green back on the lawn?  Then, NexGen Lawns’ artificial grass Edmond for dogs can give you the solution you need.  Dogs need daily exercise which can run the lawn down rather quickly.  Artificial grass Edmond for dogs gives those canines a strong surface for their active paws.  Our fake dog grass gives homes a dog-friendly yard solution that is soft on their pads yet extremely durable.  Plus, our synthetic dog grass doesn’t leave brown areas or yellows from pet urine.  Instead, you’ll have that green backyard you’ve been wanting.  Additionally, you’ll even have a better-smelling lawn with fast-draining turf for potty breaks to flow through.

Artificial grass Edmond for dogs works not only for single dogs but for multiple dogs too.  Therefore, this makes artificial dog turf a highly selected pick for doggy parks, kennels, training centers, and K9 daycares.  Artificial turf for dogs in Edmond gives dog businesses a stunning dog lawn for their clients to utilize.  Plus, it helps to provide dogs with a mud-free space to keep clean and play.  Dogs can play throughout the year on a green turf surface for year-round dog lawn usage.  Additionally, synthetic doggy grass lowers the outdoor upkeep without having to mow or water.  So, if it’s time to give your pup an excellent dog space – contact NexGen Lawns for artificial grass Edmond for dogs!

Artificial Sports Fields Edmond

Artificial Sports Fields EdmondIs it time to change up your limited sports playing field?  Then, switch to artificial sports fields Edmond to include multiple sports all on the same field.  Artificial playing fields provide schools and sporting clubs with a truly multi-use playing field.  Thus, you will not be limited to only one sport per playing field.  Your field can include sports like soccer, lacrosse, football, field hockey, baseball, or softball.  Plus, synthetic fields provide great places for band practices or cheerleading.  Or outdoor exercise classes, events, and many more options.  Why keep your athletic field limited?  Instead, make the switch to NexGen Lawns artificial sports fields in Edmond.

Artificial sports fields Edmond provides more than just a multipurpose playing field.  Artificial turf helps to lower field maintenance bills due to the waterless turf.  Thus, playing field owners save money in no watering, fertilizing, re-sodding, or mowing.  Plus, without the constant field care means more field time for players.  Clubs will have more opportunities to schedule more games, practices, and tournaments.  In addition, an astro turf style field provides a durable surface for indoor athletic fields, batting cages, and agility training centers.  An artificial athletic field in Edmond allows for a year-round field that stays green.  So, start giving more field usage and versatility to your field with NexGen Lawns synthetic grass.

Backyard Putting Green Edmond

Backyard Putting Green EdmondA backyard putting green Edmond is the ideal addition to your house from NexGen Lawns!  How so?  With a backyard putting green Edmond, you can have all the tee time at your own leisure.  Plus, more swing time can help improve upon and maintain your golfing skills no matter your level.  An artificial putting green Edmond means no set closing or opening hours to contend with either.  Instead, you can walk outside of your own home and play a short round when you want.  Backyard greens allow for alone time to concentrate on your form.  Or a great place to have friends or family over for a fun night of golf.  Either way, when you own your own green you have the option.  Plus, there are no yearly or monthly dues to pay out.

A backyard putting green in Edmond is not the only golfing option of NexGen Lawns.  Do you own a driving range or club?  Maybe the mats or greens are looking worn out?  Then, our artificial grass team can help remodel your club or driving range.  Synthetic surfaces reduce expensive watering and trimming care.  Thus, this helps to save your business in upkeep expenses.  Our quality-made tee mats and golfing greens give customers a year-round course.  To learn more, call our putting green Edmond team.  We have installed our quality artificial putting greens in Edmond for many residences, and can do the very same at your household or business.

Playground Turf Edmond

Playground Turf EdmondIs the backyard in dire need of a more child-friendly play spot?  Then, making the smart decision to install NexGen Lawns playground turf Edmond gives kids a great surface area.  The reason is due to the tough and strong synthetic fibers.  Unlike grass, artificial play grass stays full and green without fading or breaking down.  In addition, artificial grass Edmond comes with quality fibers that feel soft.  This means kids can run around and play on a comfortable surface.  Plus, we offer a padded base underneath the playground turf for extra cushion.  Thus, this aids in helping to protect kids while they have fun outdoors.  Unlike dangerous hard concrete bases or pebbled-filled playgrounds.  Plus, with playground grass Edmond the turf helps keep dirt and mud from coming indoors.

Playground turf Edmond gives homeowners a beautiful lawn that requires no maintenance.  Thus, many childcare centers, schools, and parks are adding durable playground turf too.  Artificial playground turf provides daycares and schools with a bright and playful space – perfect to go under school play equipment.  Plus, the quick-to-dry playground turf Edmond allows children to play soon after it rains.  This means fewer canceled days due to the school grounds still being wet.  Additionally, the fake play grass Edmond helps to lower lawn upkeep costs.  If your childcare center, school, or home lawn is ready to benefit from playground turf Edmond – call our team in Oklahoma to start enjoying a colorful and kid-friendly surface.

To purchase residential or commercial Artificial Grass in Edmond, Oklahoma – Call NexGen Lawns for professional installers of Artificial Turf in Edmond, Oklahoma today.  Ask us for a FREE NO OBLIGATION QUOTE.