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Artificial Grass Denton

NexGen Lawns provides superior artificial turf and artificial grass Denton, Texas, and surrounding areas for both residential and commercial properties.  Our highly knowledgeable and skilled designers meet one on one with our clients to help create the perfect artificial grass space needed to suit each individual or business need.  Artificial grass in Denton has grown in increasing popularity by providing low-maintenance and highly durable lawns.  We cater to many different types of environments and offer a range of applications.  This includes lawns, sports fields, dog runs, playgrounds, putting greens, and athletic centers.  No matter the surface, NexGen Lawns artificial grass in Denton is a perfect choice!

Artificial Grass Denton Options

If you are currently looking to have fake grass installed at your home or office, it’s best to understand the different selections and benefits available.  Therefore, we have listed below a few of the artificial grass Denton options of NexGen Lawns.  Please take the time to read the choice below for the different attributes of synthetic grass in Denton.

Residential Artificial Grass Denton

Residential Artificial Grass Denton, TXWe understand choosing to have artificial grass in Denton installed for your personal home or corporate business can seem overwhelming to decide.  However, when choosing to have artificial grass in Denton, Texas installed at your home comes with numerous advantages.  Whether you have fake grass for your front yard or back lawn, it is the smartest choice to have for your outdoor space for any homeowner in Denton and neighboring communities. The biggest advantage you will see will be the elimination of exhausting lawn chores.  This stops the time-consuming duty of mowing, edging, watering, and spreading toxic chemicals across your lawn.

With artificial grass in Denton, you will have more free time to have fun or relax.  Additionally, all while lowering your water bill.  Your stunning new synthetic grass lawn will stay beautiful for years without discoloring due to sunlight or animal waste.  Fake grass looks great no matter what size or shape of the lawn.  Therefore, make the most out of your present outdoor space all through faux grass.  Call us at NexGen Lawns to experience amazing results in your home landscaping.  Or to add easy maintenance with stylish synthetic grass for your business properties.

Artificial Grass for Dogs Denton

Artificial Grass for Dogs Denton

NexGen Lawns carries dog-friendly artificial grass that is strong and made with durability.  But most of all, a long-lasting K9 grass that dogs are sure to enjoy!  Just like you, pets will feel and love the real benefits and comforts of having artificial grass in Denton, Texas.  Say goodbye to a dangerous lumpy mud-filled lawn or kennel.  Instead, say hello to NexGen Lawns’ smooth and even artificial turf for puppies and dogs.  Over time, pets wear down regular grass into hard-packed dirt trails.  Therefore, in return becomes a disaster after the rain that transforms your lawn into a yucky mess.  Plus, this mess comes right into homes and businesses as well, leaving dirt all around the ground and even furniture.

NexGen Lawns artificial grass for dogs in Denton provides pups with a clean surface with softness.  Unlike a play surface that is hard on their tender paws like gravel or concrete.  Dogs will love the lush play area that provides your lawn, kennel, and doggie daycare with a cleanlier and mud-free surface through our advanced drainage system.  Pets will also be relieved of their allergies, insects, and pesticides which can irritate or itch at their sensitive skin.  Now, you and your pet can enjoy a clean house and lawn with NexGen Lawns artificial grass for dogs!

Artificial Turf Denton for Sports Fields

Artificial Turf Denton

NexGen Lawns offer many different kinds of artificial turf for sports fields in Denton, TX.  If you are unsure of which type of artificial turf Denton for sports fields would best suit your needs, NexGen Lawns can help with making the right decision. Our synthetic turf can host a wide range of sports including baseball, softball, football, lacrosse, hockey, tennis, soccer, band practice, and even more.  All of our surfaces are designed to suit your needs and enhance your surface and performance.  Our artificial turf can be customizable with a variety of color options and team and corporate logos.  Therefore, make your artificial turf Denton for sports fields unique to your team name.

To keep fields in playable conditions comes with mass amounts of care and maintenance from mowing, watering, resodding, and fertilizers.  NexGen Lawns will reduce maintenance costs, giving you more time to spend focusing on your players and games.  This is due to the year-round field usage of an astro turf style field.  Therefore, no more worries about rainouts or cancellations with our quick drainage system.  NexGen Lawns will provide you with a cost-effective way to improve and transform your sports field with fake turf!

Backyard Putting Greens Denton

Backyard Putting Green Denton

Whether you’re a professional or amateur, you’ll love NexGen Lawns backyard putting green in your very own backyard!  Having a backyard putting green in your own yard is a great way to help maintain and improve your golf skills; it will also be an added benefit as a homeowner. There is no longer a time frame for when you can play a round of golf or work on your swing.  You can simply walk outside and enjoy practicing your chip shot or hosting a round with your friends and family.  By choosing to have it in your own backyard, you can decide what time is best for you to play your round of golf!

Not only do NexGen Lawns offer personal putting greens, but we also renovate and install golf courses, tee lines, and commercial putting greens. NexGen Lawns will help improve and transform your putting green or golf course with our highly durable, easy-to-maintain, and cost-efficient artificial grass turf.  Our highly skilled artificial grass installers will leave your greens with a beautiful surface that requires little maintenance.  Customers, friends, and family will love playing on high-quality artificial grass putting green, course, or tee line.

Playground Turf Denton

Playground Turf Denton

NexGen Lawns artificial grass for playgrounds provides parents, caregivers, and teachers with relief.  Due to knowing children will have a clean, safe, and soft play surface for playgrounds.  Artificial grass for playgrounds minimizes the chance of coming into danger or in any hazardous conditions. NexGen Lawns artificial grass playgrounds contain a 100% recycled padded foam base.  This base is highly elastic and helps to retain shock absorption.  The foam base contains no rubber, and is LEAD-FREE!  Therefore, children will be able to play on a safe and clean surface.  Without rubber flecks flying out and sticking to their skin or clothing.

Whether the playground is at a school or for leisure, now parents and caregivers will not have to cancel recess or playtime from rain.  Thanks to NexGen Lawns’ artificial grass Denton playgrounds provide quick drainage for the rain to pass through leaving your surface drier faster.  NexGen Lawns have transformed a large number of schools and playgrounds with our premium artificial grass. To have the best quality and child-friendly surface for your playgrounds with artificial grass in Denton, choose NexGen Lawns for your artificial grass today.

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