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Artificial Grass Council Bluffs

The professional artificial grass Council Bluffs installers at NexGen Lawns have your fake turf and synthetic grass purchase covered with our large selection of products.  We carry highly developed synthetic grass options with premium quality and exceptional strength.  Therefore, you can experience a high-end artificial grass surface in Council Bluffs, Iowa with the purchase and installation from NexGen Lawns.  Whether you are looking to purchase artificial grass in Council Bluffs for your next DIY project, or ready to purchase and let the professionals fully install artificial grass – NexGen Lawns is the company to call.  We are your premier provider and professional installer of artificial grass in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

The high quality of NexGen Lawns’ synthetic turf fibers brings a natural-looking surface to homes and businesses.  Additionally, we offer fake turf and synthetic grass in an array of different color options.  Whether you want a blended tone of green or looking for a fun color for a playground space, we can assist you.  Our talented artificial turf Council Bluffs installers ensure you’ll have a beautiful synthetic piece that looks stunning.  Our team comes with advanced knowledge in the artificial grass industry to deliver you a professional synthetic grass installation in Council Bluffs.  We install artificial grass in Council Bluffs for different uses from home and commercial lawns, playgrounds, sporting fields, batting cages, putting greens, dog parks, and more.

Artificial Grass Council Bluffs Options

NexGen Lawns provides numerous artificial grass Council Bluff options to meet various needs.  Whether you need something outside, or inside, or want synthetic grass installed over a hard surface – our team can help you select from our artificial grass Council Bluffs options. To learn a little more about some of our most popular artificial grass Council Bluffs options, please continue reading below.

Residential Artificial Grass Council Bluffs

Residential Artificial Grass Council BluffsWould you like to achieve having a beautiful lawn without all the lawn work that comes along with sod grass?  Then, residential artificial grass in Council Bluffs offers you that stunning lawn that looks great throughout the different seasons with minimal upkeep.  NexGen Lawns provides full installation of residential artificial grass in Council Bluffs with our premium synthetic lawn grass.  Therefore, the faux grass looks realistic due to the high quality and blended color tone fiber options.  You’ll have more time to sit back and relax without the worries of mowing, watering, and fertilizing.  Not only is lawn mowing exhausting, but it’s also quite time-consuming between the mowing, bagging, and edging.  Instead, a residential artificial grass lawn in Council Bluffs provides you with a well-manicured lawn all year.  Additionally, artificial grass does not need watering, so you can reduce your outdoor watering bill.

Residential artificial grass in Council Bluffs is not limited to just your home lawn space.  Our professional fake grass installers can give you a modern look of synthetic turf on your balcony, patio, rooftop, pergola, deck, and more.  Artificial grass offers you the versatility to add some nice color to an array of different spaces.  For example, you can add fake grass around your swimming pool for a beautiful surface that is mud-free.  This means you won’t have large mud puddles around your pool or deal with grass clippings getting in the pool.  Or maybe you don’t have a green space or have a smaller lawn; artificial grass can cover your patio or deck for a nice modern surface.  Or our crew can weave artificial turf between stone pavers, beneath mature trees, and so many more options. Call NexGen Lawns to add high-quality residential artificial grass in Council Bluffs.

Pet Grass in Council Bluffs

Pet Grass in Council BluffsDogs can make keeping the backyard green and full of grass pretty difficult.  Their playful paws and high activity can leave any backyard looking worn down with dirt spots.  The worn dirt patches only turn into mud pits leaving you cleaning up after muddy paws in your house.  However, pet grass in Council Bluffs provides you with a mud-free lawn that is dog-friendly.  No more muddy paws to wipe off!  Therefore, you can achieve having a beautiful-looking lawn as well as a strong pet turf surface.  Both rainwater and dog urine pass through the artificial turf drainage system to quickly dry and help reduce odors.  Pet grass in Council Bluffs won’t discolor when exposed to dog urine unlike, sod grass which can leave behind unsightly yellow circles.  Our pet grass installers in Council Bluffs provide whole lawn installation as well as specific locations like a dog run.

If you own a dog-focused business or a commercial business looking to add a dog park, dog yard, or dog run – NexGen Lawns has your pet needs covered with pet grass in Council Bluffs, Iowa.  Our artificial pet grass installers remodel a range of businesses looking for a highly durable surface for their doggy guests and clients.  Whether you need a new indoor training yard or outdoor play space, our professionals install a variety of dog spaces.  Pet grass in Council Bluffs comes with minimal maintenance so that you can reduce your outdoor upkeep expenses and have a lawn that looks great.  No more wasted time and money trying to keep the grass well-watered, mowed, fertilized, or even having to re-sod.  Our synthetic grass fibers feel soft on dog paws compared to dog runs filled with hard and hurtful gravel or concrete.  Instead, treat your dog guests to pet grass!

Synthetic Turf Council Bluffs for Athletic Fields

Artificial Turf Council BluffsSelect from NexGen Lawns’ numerous synthetic turf in Council Bluffs for athletic fields for your sporting turf needs.  We carry different options of synthetic turf in Council Bluffs for athletic fields to cover numerous spaces.  This includes indoor applications for training fields and batting cages to outdoor sporting field applications.  Additionally, we offer different colors of fake turf in Council Bluffs for you to have a truly custom field.  Our highly knowledgeable staff is here to help you in selecting the best synthetic turf in Council Bluffs for your athletic field needs.  Installing synthetic turf in Council Bluffs for athletic fields transforms your old one sport-focused field into a multipurpose field.  Therefore, you don’t have to have multiple fields for designated sports.  Instead, an astro turf style field allows you to offer more sports to your athletes from baseball, field hockey, soccer, lacrosse, and more.

Synthetic turf in Council Bluffs for athletic fields saves your sports club in both time and maintenance costs.  With a one-off cost, you can decrease the expenses spent on the upkeep of a sports field.  Additionally, you’ll have more time the playing fields can be open with artificial turf.  Since you no longer have to close the fields for field mowing, watering, or grass fertilizer treatments.  Therefore, this allows your athletes and coaches more time to use the playing fields for games and practice times.  Regular sod grass fields limit the amount of time the athletic fields can be open.  This is due to grass wearing and browning away at the end of the season.  Additionally, grass fields turn into mud after it rains leaving you scrambling to reschedule games.  Instead, install synthetic turf in Council Bluffs for athletic fields for a fast-drying field and year-round use.

Backyard Putting Green Council Bluffs

Backyard Putting Green Council BluffsWorking on your golf game is simple with the installation of a backyard putting green in Council Bluffs.  Trying to find time to drive to the nearest range or course leaves you with a limited amount of time to work on your swing.  Instead, you can start practicing when you decide at your home to work on maintaining or improving your skills.  A backyard putting green in Council Bluffs installed from NexGen Lawns is custom to your style and space.  We work across different environments from lawns, decks, patios, and even inside homes.  Therefore, even if you don’t have an outdoor lawn space for a putting green – our professionals can add a premium green across other surfaces.  Our synthetic grass greens offer excellent ball roll and give you the luxury of playing golf at home.  Additionally, a backyard putting green in Council Bluffs can add value to your home.

Not only do the professional NexGen Lawns installers provide backyard putting greens in Council Bluffs but also for commercial settings.  Our team can add the unique amenity of a synthetic grass putting green to your hotel, restaurant, store, apartment complex, and more.  In addition, we install as well as refurbish your existing tee lines, course, and putting greens.  Synthetic grass offers minimal upkeep while your clients experience a beautiful artificial putting green.  Keeping a regular grass putting green well-kept can be tedious with the different upkeep needed from fertilizing, seed applications, watering, and mowing.  Instead, artificial turf can reduce your outdoor maintenance costs and provide you with a golfing surface throughout the year.  Thus, this can help provide your business with more time to be open.  If you are ready to experience a high-quality synthetic grass golfing surface, contact NexGen Lawns in Council Bluffs, IA.

Playground Turf in Council Bluffs

Playground Turf in Council BluffsPlaygrounds, parks, and schoolyards can quickly turn messy with the frequent activity they endure.  However, selecting a highly brilliant surface of playground turf in Council Bluffs can give your backyard, playground, or school a durable surface.  NexGen Lawns’ playground turf in Council Bluffs provides children with a soft surface with the additional foam padding available.  The highly elastic underlayment helps to protect children by absorbing shock.  Our installers can add padded playground turf to your home or designated play space.  Additionally, you have the option of different turf colors in our selection of playground turf.  Therefore, you can have different colors beneath the swings or playground equipment for a bright and inviting play area.  Our team has remodeled numerous playground spaces, and we look forward to creating a high-quality playground surface through our artificial play turf in Council Bluffs, Iowa.

Playground turf in Council Bluffs provides an additional benefit through the cleaner ground it provides.  Compared to regular grass, which turns muddy after it rains leaving the playground messy and children as well.  This muck gets tracked back indoors to dirty up floors.  However, playground turf in Council Bluffs comes with a drainage system to quickly drain the rainwater.  This rapid drainage under the artificial turf means you’ll have a mud-free playground surface.  Additionally, with artificial turf installed the children can quickly go back outside soon after the rain has stopped.  Other playground infills like wood chips or pebbles scatter and cling to clothing and hair.  Instead, give your playground or play space a tidier area without all the mess through the installation of playground turf.  Not only do our fake turf installers provide outdoor play surfaces, but we also install playground turf indoors for classrooms, playrooms, and gyms.

To purchase artificial turf in Council Bluffs, contact the highly skilled professionals of NexGen Lawns artificial grass Council Bluffs installers at 1-888-844-0672.  ASK US FOR A FREE ESTIMATE.