NexGen Lawns Artificial Grass Bothell, Artificial Turf in Bothell, WA

Artificial Grass BothellNexGen Lawns is the company to call to purchase the best artificial grass Bothell, Washington in the market.  We provide the highest quality artificial turf in Bothell and surrounding metro regions.  Therefore, you will have unmatched excellence of fake grass and installation service.  We offer specialized fake grass to work in a variety of environments.  For example, our installs include home lawns, putting greens, playgrounds, dog runs, batting cages, sporting fields, and parks.  Therefore, our staff can help you with selecting the right artificial grass Bothell for your project.

Our synthetic grass installers in Bothell bring you an unbelievably natural-looking surface.  This is due to our premier fake turf products and highly skilled installers.  Our installers bring the expertise and tools needed to give you a fully professional artificial grass Bothell install.  Therefore, your home property or commercial location will be left with only a lush-feeling artificial grass Bothell landscape.  We create fresh new features outside and even inside, call to learn more.

Artificial Grass Bothell Options

The professional team at NexGen Lawns carries an immense portfolio of artificial grass Bothell options.  Thus, we have a few of the artificial grass Bothell options listed below to help you in learning about the benefits and choices.

Residential Synthetic Grass Bothell

Residential Synthetic Grass BothellThe easier and more stylish look of residential synthetic grass Bothell has many homeowners switching their lawns.  The low maintenance that comes with residential synthetic grass Bothell relieves you from applying toxic fertilizers, mowing, and watering.  Therefore, you can experience more spare time instead of having to spend your time on lawn chores.  NexGen Lawns’ artificial grass comes with a realistic look due to our high-end fibers.  Our synthetic grass does not fade or yellow from the sun and pet urine.  Therefore, you will have a lush-looking faux turf lawn to enjoy all year with your family.

The installation of residential synthetic grass Bothell to your home will give the kids or grandkids a cleanlier surface.  This comes from the mud-free surface of artificial turf.  Rainwater passes beneath the fake grass surface to quickly dry the lawn.  Therefore, the kids can play outside and not track dirty shoes back inside the house.  Additionally, our residential synthetic grass Bothell is dog-friendly.  This means no dirty paw prints to wipe up.  Everyone can utilize the fake grass lawn together while enjoying the amazingly soft surface.  In addition to homes, NexGen Lawns can add our artificial turf in Bothell to commercial landscapes.  Contact us for your home or business property.

Artificial Grass Bothell for Dogs

Artificial Grass Bothell for DogsOur dogs can bring in a lot of dirt and mud stuck in their paws back into the house.  However, artificial grass Bothell for dogs transforms the yard into a mud-free surface.  This is through the drainage beneath the fake turf that flushes the water below.  Therefore, not only will your house have fewer dirty paws coming in, but the lawn will look great.  Since the rain makes the lawn soggy, this means it can quickly get torn up due to wet conditions.  Artificial grass Bothell for dogs provides the durability that dogs need right in your home lawn.  Therefore, don’t be left with a ruined lawn – call NexGen Lawns to help give your pets a great surface with artificial grass Bothell for dogs.

The premium artificial grass Bothell for dogs provides dog-centered businesses with a new look and premium surface.  For example, NexGen Lawns can change the outdoor dog lawns and kennels at dog spas, boarding facilities, and training schools.  These dog businesses will highly benefit through artificial grass Bothell for dogs with a low maintenance surface.  Therefore, you will experience savings through the reduction in grass care expenses.  Artificial turf allows you to offer an outstanding dog lawn through the high-end quality that comes with NexGen Lawns.  Now, dogs can utilize the artificial turf lawn all year on a surface that does not discolor.

Artificial Turf Bothell for Athletic Fields

Artificial Turf BothellAthletic fields with sod in place leave you left with limited time on the playing field.  However, an artificial turf Bothell for athletic fields in place will give you more field access.  This is due to our highly technologically advanced synthetic turf that comes with extreme durability.  Unlike sod that can prematurely break down and brown away leaving you left with an unusable field.  Artificial turf Bothell for athletic fields provides parks, schools, training facilities, and gyms a field that gives you more time on the field.  Additionally, artificial turf in Bothell changes the athletic field from only catering to one sport to multiple.  Now, sports like softball, soccer, baseball, lacrosse, and football can all use the same field to help reduce the costs of caring for numerous fields.

A new multipurpose artificial turf Bothell for athletic fields brings not only more time, but savings as well.  Your sporting club or school field will now have an astro turf style field in place that reduces the watering and mowing.  Therefore, you will have a reduction in time spent on the field upkeep.  This allows for the athletic field to be open more to give your athletes more time on the field.  Additionally, you’ll have more opportunities to schedule games and scrimmages.  NexGen Lawns not only works on outdoor facilities but indoor athletic spaces.  Therefore, our staff can assist you with a new indoor synthetic turf gym floor, sports field, batting cages, and more.  Contact our crew for more information.

Backyard Putting Green Bothell

Backyard Putting Green BothellIs it hard to find enough time to swing the clubs?  Wish you could have closer access to a putting green?  Then, the addition of a backyard putting green Bothell lets you hit anytime!  NexGen Lawns specializes in installing custom artificial putting greens.  Therefore, we help you to get more tee time right at home.  You’ll be able to choose how long and when you want to golf to work on your swing.  As a result, a backyard putting green Bothell will help you to improve and maintain your golfing skill set.  Select a premium home green through the synthetic grass from NexGen Lawns.

Do you own a driving range, indoor golf club, or golf course and thinking about purchasing synthetic grass?  Then, our installers can change the look of your golf business or club with quality synthetic grass.  The upkeep of sod greens comes with continual care of trimming and watering.  However, synthetic grass brings reduced maintenance and costs.  This is why many clubs have selected to add synthetic grass putting greens in Bothell.  Additionally, synthetic grass provides a place for your customers to tee off the surface past the normal season.  Consequently, you can increase normal season times for business with synthetic grass Bothell.

Playground Turf Bothell

Playground Turf BothellIs the backyard playground leaving you left with an untidy surface?  Then, give your family cleaner play areas with playground turf Bothell.  Different play apparatuses from the playset to the trampoline cause shade making it hard for the grass to grow.  In addition, the kids running and playing across the surface leave a worn-down area full of dirt.  However, playground turf Bothell is different by providing kids with a smooth play area without the dirt.  NexGen Lawns synthetic play grass brings kids a very soft feeling ground that keeps a green playful surface.  Now, the kids or grandchildren can run outside and play a beautiful ground covering that comes with playground turf Bothell.  Additionally, you won’t have the annoyance of trying to mow around the play equipment.

Schools, city parks, and childcare centers all can experience the fun plush ground of playground turf Bothell.  NexGen Lawns’ artificial grass offers these spaces a strong playground surface.  Since these facilities experience a highly frequented playground, our synthetic grass is equipped for heavy use.  Most importantly, we provide playground turf Bothell with a padded underlayment for protection.  The extra padding gives children an additional layer of cushion to keep them safe.  Therefore, give your students or own children a new softer playground by selecting artificial grass.  Call us to get started in choosing one of our many fun color selections of playground turf in Bothell, Washington.

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