NexGen Lawns Artificial Grass Ashland, Artificial Turf in Ashland, NE

Artificial Grass AshlandNexGen Lawns is the premier artificial turf Nebraska installer to call for artificial grass Ashland and surrounding locations.  We carry advanced synthetic grass and artificial turf to cover a variety of surface types.  Therefore, our installers have your surfaces covered from lawns, patios, indoor sporting facilities, and much more!  Our professional installers come with high talent and knowledge to give you a professional end result.  We provide artificial turf in Ashland, Nebraska for both residential and commercial sites.

The premium artificial grass Ashland from NexGen Lawns gives your home a beautiful lawn with little upkeep.  Many homeowners and business owners are experiencing the great benefits that come with synthetic grass.  Thus, our team of artificial turf Ashland installers is here to assist you in utilizing artificial grass in your lawn makeover.  Additionally, we provide artificial grass in Ashland with amazing backyard putting greens, dog runs, playing fields, parks, and more.  This includes both outside and inside artificial turf projects.  Therefore, call NexGen Lawns to purchase artificial grass in Ashland, Nebraska.

Artificial Grass Ashland Options

NexGen Lawns provides multiple synthetic turf and artificial grass Ashland options for both outdoor and indoor applications.  Thus, to aid you in learning more about synthetic grass, we have listed some artificial grass Ashland options down below.

Residential Artificial Grass Ashland

Residential Artificial Grass AshlandThe annoyances of lawn work can leave you with limited free time, especially if you mow the grass on the weekends.  Instead, free yourself from trimming the grass with a mower-free lawn with residential artificial grass in Ashland, NE.  Our artificial grass provides you with a home lawn with minimal maintenance.  Thus, you no longer have to deal with placing down fertilizers, watering the grass, and mowing.  You can have the pleasure of more spare time by eliminating the weekly mowing chore.  Our residential artificial grass Ashland provides you with a lawn that looks realistic due to our advanced synthetic fibers.  Not only will your fake grass lawn look amazing, but also will feel nice with our soft synthetic fibers.

The lushness of NexGen Lawns’ residential artificial grass Ashland provides a perfect surface to place over patios, rooftops, decks, and around pools.  These areas that often look dull can now have a unique touch through the addition of fake grass.  A great benefit to adding synthetic grass is areas in the lawn that struggle to grow grass can now have the look of grass.  This includes spaces underneath trees, around the side of the house, and in other shady areas.  Additionally, residential artificial grass Ashland gives you the creativity to make a trendy and modern design on the lawn.  Whether that is placing fake grass between stepping stones, weaving through stone pavers, or making a fun pattern – artificial grass provides you with numerous options!

Artificial Turf Ashland for Dogs

Artificial Turf Ashland for DogsDo you have a dog or multiple dogs at home?  Are you searching for a more pet-friendly surface for your lawn or dog run?  Then, artificial turf Ashland for dogs from NexGen Lawns can help revamp your home lawn.  Artificial turf offers a cleaner lawn through advanced drainage.  Thus, this means our artificial pet turf provides a solution to those muddy paws!  Pet urine and rainwater drain swiftly through the drainage to give you a mud-free lawn.  Additionally, this helps to reduce smelly odors in the lawn from dog urine.  Dogs can play outside and come back inside your home without their paws drenched in mud; therefore, you will have cleaner floors inside.  We can remodel the entire lawn with artificial pet turf or a specific space like a dog run.  Give our team a phone call to purchase artificial turf Ashland for dogs.

The high durability of artificial turf Ashland for dogs provides dog-centered businesses with a strong and nice-looking dog yard.  Which is especially needed for high-trafficked spaces at dog boarding facilities, dog daycares, and training schools.  Our artificial turf comes built to withstand heavy use.  Thus, our installers can remodel your outdoor dog kennels, play yards, or even indoor training rooms.  A key benefit of changing to artificial turf is reduced maintenance.  The artificial turf means no toxic fertilizer treatments, mowing, or re-seeding.  This means your dog business will look nice throughout the year and help to reduce upkeep.  Additionally, the artificial turf does not discolor from pet urine, so you won’t have those unsightly spots.

Synthetic Turf Ashland for Athletic Fields

Synthetic Turf Ashland for Athletic FieldsNexGen Lawns can remodel your athletic center, school, park, or more with synthetic turf Ashland for athletic fields.  Whether you need indoor or outdoor athletic fields, synthetic turf replicates the appearance of a grass playing field.  The synthetic turf provides a consistent playing field that comes extremely durable.  The season no longer has to end when the grass fades away.  Instead, you can continue to train and play games throughout the year on a green artificial turf field.   Additionally, you can reduce the need for multiple athletic fields.  This is due to the multipurpose astro turf style surface artificial turf provides.  As an example, you can host soccer, baseball, football, lacrosse, and more on the same playing field.  This will allow your school or sports club to offer a variety of sports.

Synthetic turf Ashland for athletic fields comes with high durability for heavy use from practices, tournaments, and games.  This means your fields can be prepared to go, unlike a grass playing field that requires numerous hours of care to keep the field well-conditioned.  Thus, you’ll lower your cost in maintenance as well as have a more versatile playing field.  Regular grass fields come with limitations of when you can play due to field conditions.  Rainwater can leave playing fields wet for days or even weeks; however, synthetic turf fields come with rapid drainage.  This means the rainwater dries fast and without the mud issues that come with grass.  Therefore, you can have fewer cancellations and more field time.  To learn more about synthetic turf Ashland for athletic fields, contact our team.

Backyard Putting Green Ashland

Backyard Putting Green AshlandDo you enjoy playing golf?  Wish you had golf at home to play?  Then, add a backyard putting green Ashland, Nebraska to your lawn!  NexGen Lawns delivers premium backyard putting green Ashland and surrounding metros.  Our high-quality synthetic grass gives you a high-end surface with excellent ball roll.  You can play whenever you decide with the addition of a backyard putting green in Ashland, NE.  No need to rush to pack up your clubs to drive to the nearest course.  Instead, you can have the pleasure of walking right outside your home.  Or if you want to stay inside to play, we provide indoor synthetic greens too.  Whichever you need, call NexGen Lawns for a premier backyard putting green Ashland.

A great addition to any business is synthetic grass putting green Ashland.  NexGen Lawns provides commercial putting greens, courses, tee lines, and more.  We can equip your business with a fun amenity of synthetic putting green.  This includes both outside and inside artificial greens.  Therefore, you can stand out from the competition with the addition of synthetic green.  We offer high-end artificial grass that can go on the lawn or even over patios and rooftops.  Additionally, artificial grass has low upkeep compared to normal grass greens that require lots of water and trimming.  This means you can save money on reduced maintenance.  To learn more or if you’re ready to change to synthetic grass, call NexGen Lawns.

Playground Turf Ashland

Playground Turf AshlandThe combination of the activity and shade for backyard playground sets can leave you with little to no grass left.  This can leave the children left with just dirt to play on.  However, change from a hard play surface to playground turf in Ashland.  Artificial grass provides these heavily-used areas that also have shade with a full lawn.  Additionally, the lawn will even be cleaner due to no more dirt or mud puddles.  Playground turf Ashland comes with strong to provide homes with an amazing surface for the entire lawn or underneath playsets.  Finally, you can have a beautiful lawn that has easy upkeep and looks great.  The annoyance of trying to mow around the base of the playground set or moving the trampoline around can end with playground turf Ashland.

Parks, childcare centers, and schools can also create a cleaner playground areas.  Playground turf Ashland offers a tidier space for children to play unlike the messy items of mulch or pebbles that scatter everywhere.  These items leave caregivers left with sweeping up the mess and children with wood chips stuck in their hair and clothes.  This leaves not only the playground a mess, children messy, but also brings the mess back indoors.  Instead, playground turf can go under playground apparatuses and provide a softer ground.  This is through the additional layer of padding that is available for playground turf.  This extra layer of foam padding helps to cushion the ground for children and absorb shock.  Whether your looking at changing out your outdoor playgrounds or inside playrooms, call NexGen Lawns.  We carry even different colors of artificial grass for a colorful ground experience.

Call 1-888-844-0672 to purchase your artificial grass Ashland from NexGen Lawns.  Our artificial turf installers in Ashland, Nebraska have you covered for both commercial and residential applications.  Ask us for a FREE ESTIMATE.