NexGen Lawns Artificial Grass Arlington Heights, Artificial Turf in Arlington Heights, IL

Artificial Grass Arlington HeightsGive yourself a low-maintenance surface that stays green all year through artificial grass Arlington Heights, Illinois.  NexGen Lawns artificial turf installers in Arlington Heights gives homeowners and businesses a time-saving artificial lawn.  Why not rid yourself of the outdoor grass chores of mowing, trimming, watering, and placing down toxic fertilizers?  A NexGen Lawns artificial grass Arlington Heights lawn can do just that and more.  We service residential homes, businesses, schools, parks, and more with artificial turf in Arlington Heights, IL.

The outstanding selection of artificial grass Arlington Heights from NexGen Lawns has your surface covered!  We provide the utmost quality of synthetic grass; therefore, ensuring you receive only a superior product.  We carry artificial turf in Arlington Heights for home lawns, dog yards, putting greens, sporting fields, parks, and playgrounds.  This includes both outdoor purposes and indoor artificial turf installations.  Our amazing installers come highly skilled with vast knowledge to deliver only the best service.  Therefore, for the best artificial grass Arlington Heights and surrounding locations call NexGen Lawns.

Artificial Grass Arlington Heights Options

The large NexGen Lawns selection of artificial grass Arlington Heights options covers a range of surface spaces.  Therefore, to read more about the many artificial grass Arlington Heights options, please see the information below.

Home Artificial Grass Arlington Heights

Home Artificial Grass Arlington HeightsSynthetic grass provides you with the most realistic grass setting without the maintenance or costs of having regular grass.  This means you’ll save time and expenses with home artificial grass Arlington Heights.  Instead of working outside on the lawn, you can relax and take in the many advantages of home artificial grass Arlington Heights.  No more summer days wasted on mowing and edging the grass.  Artificial grass brings you an always trimmed lawn!  A synthetic lawn offers you a water-free surface to help conserve water, which will reduce your watering bill.  Additionally, you no longer have to place down toxic lawn fertilizers on fake grass.

Are you tired of muddy shoes coming into the home?  Then, you’ll love having a mud-less lawn with fake grass.  Home artificial grass Arlington Heights provides homes with a mud-free surface due to rapid drainage.  This great benefit of fake grass helps to keep a tidier lawn and home.  Another advantage of having a mower-free lawn is you’ll no longer have messy grass clippings.  If you have a swimming pool, this comes highly helpful to keep the pool neat and annoying pieces of grass out of the pool.  Home artificial grass Arlington Heights is great for children and the family dog too!  NexGen Lawns can remodel your lawn, patio, deck, and more with our lush synthetic grass surfaces.

Artificial Dog Turf Arlington Heights

Artificial Dog Turf Arlington HeightsProvide your dog with a non-toxic and strong ground through artificial dog turf Arlington Heights.  NexGen Lawns carries exceptional artificial dog turf Arlington Heights that’s crafted for pets.  Therefore, your dog can play and run on a durable lawn that’s even soft to the touch.  No more hard-surfaced dog runs of packed down dirt, concrete, or gravel that can hurt their paws.  Artificial dog turf comes with reinforced backing to give your pets a strong surface.  Additionally, artificial turf drains rainwater and dog urine quickly through to leave a dry ground and reduced odors.  This means you won’t have those muddy paws tracing back into your home.

Artificial dog turf Arlington Heights is even suitable for heavily used pet areas.  This includes dog boarding, dog daycares, veterinary clinics, and more.  The many benefits of artificial turf are why numerous dog businesses and parks have installed it in their dog parks and play yards.  Artificial dog turf Arlington Heights transforms messy outdoor dog yards into a cleaner space.  The fake grass offers a green lawn throughout the year that’s mud-free and trimmed.  This not only helps the appearance but also reduces your upkeep costs to help you save money.  NexGen Lawns artificial dog turf Arlington Heights contains ultraviolet protection to protect it from fading or cracking.  Therefore, you’ll have a great dog lawn for many years to come.

Synthetic Turf Arlington Heights for Sports Fields

Synthetic Turf Arlington HeightsDeciding which artificial turf you need for your sporting fields can seem overwhelming.  However, NexGen Lawns is here to assist you with selecting which synthetic turf Arlington Heights for sports fields would best suit your field needs.  We carry a full range of synthetic turf Arlington Heights for sports fields in even a variety of colors.  Our crew can help you customize and create a truly remarkable surface to enhance your sports field.  Additionally, when you use artificial turf you’re not only getting a durable surface but a multi-sport field.  Synthetic turf Arlington Heights for sports fields covers many sports without the need of having to care for multiple fields.  For example, lacrosse, football, baseball, soccer, and softball can all be played on artificial turf.

Selecting synthetic turf Arlington Heights for sports fields helps to save schools, parks, and club owners in numerous ways.  Synthetic turf reduces maintenance expenses and saves valuable time.  Therefore, you can focus on your athletes and games.  The reduction in fieldwork means sports players will have more access to the athletic fields for training and practice.  Additionally, synthetic turf provides rapid drainage to dry the sports fields quickly after the rain stops.  This will help reduce those dreaded cancellations due to wet fields.  Consider a cost-effective way to improve and revamp your athletic fields with an astro turf style artificial turf.  NexGen Lawns works on both outdoor and indoor playing fields, batting cages, and training centers.

Backyard Putting Green Arlington Heights

Backyard Putting Green Arlington HeightsGrab your putter and start playing in your own lawn with a backyard putting green Arlington Heights!  NexGen Lawns installs the best backyard putting green Arlington Heights that’s customized for you.  We offer high-end synthetic grass to give you a stunning putting green with excellent ball roll.  Whether you want a 3-hole, 5-hole, or even a sand trap, NexGen Lawns has everything you need.  Synthetic grass putting greens offer you a place to golf throughout the whole year without ever having to water or trim the grass.  Thus, you can get all the practices you want right at your own home.  A backyard putting green Arlington Heights offers a fantastic amenity that the whole family can even enjoy together.

We offer synthetic putting greens in Arlington Heights not only on the back lawn, but even for patios, rooftops, and balconies.  Whether you need a residential putting green or commercial putting green, NexGen Lawns provides exquisite greens.  We also remodel and install synthetic grass for commercial golf courses, tee lines, and mats.  Changing to synthetic grass at commercial locations reduces maintenance costs greatly.  This will help save your business in not only costs but also the upkeep time.  Synthetic grass putting greens provides businesses with a green surface throughout the whole year.  That way you can offer golf throughout the whole year and not just during in-season times.  Make your choice for the purchase and installation of a synthetic grass putting green in Arlington Heights to NexGen Lawns.

Playground Turf Arlington Heights

Playground Turf Arlington HeightsGive children a durable playground or park surface through NexGen Lawns quality playground turf Arlington Heights.  We carry premium playground turfs that are lead-free and non-toxic.  The brilliant playground turf Arlington Heights comes in many colors and styles to create an awesome space.  Children will love the soft and colorful ground of artificial grass!  Additionally, to help keep young children safe our playground turf Arlington Heights comes with a layer of foam padding.  This will provide an additional layer of cushion to protect kids.  The padding is highly elastic and soft for outdoor playgrounds and even can go inside for indoor playrooms or gyms.

A great benefit of playground turf Arlington Heights is the clean look and tidiness it provides.  NexGen Lawns utilizes a non-rubber artificial turf infill.  Therefore, the children can play without rubber pieces flying around and getting stuck on their clothes and shoes.  Additionally, when compared to normal grass that wears down from high foot traffic, artificial turf comes with the durability for a frequented surface.  The fake turf surface also means the messy grass clippings and mud will end.  This will help keep not only the playground clean but also the children.  Artificial turf comes with a drainage system to swiftly drain rainwater.  This will allow children to play outside shortly after it has rained.

NexGen Lawns has remodeled numerous daycares, parks, and home lawns.  Therefore, contact NexGen Lawns for playground turf Arlington Heights, Illinois for a superior product and service.

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