Who to use for the Installation of Artificial Grass?

Once you have decided to make over your space with the high functionality of artificial grass, then comes the question of who to use for the installation of artificial grass.  Installing artificial grass on your own can turn into a daunting project.  Who wants all the tedious preparation work to then still have the installation to do?  Instead, why not let the professionals at NexGen Lawns help you with your artificial turf installation?  Therefore, you can sit back while our staff takes care of the prep work and installation.

We deliver you with a professional installation that ensures you have a proper artificial grass installation.  Our installers handle the prepping of the ground surface, smoothing the ground, and laying down the artificial grass.  Additionally, we offer numerous sub-layer options, infill, and even do the cleanup work.  The expert team at NexGen Lawns has your project handled with our vast knowledge and trained professionals to leave you with a stunning artificial grass installation.

who to use for the installation of artificial grass

Synthetic grass lets you create an amazing outdoor surface.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

NexGen Lawns is who to use for the Installation of Artificial Grass

NexGen Lawns offers you a large selection of residential artificial grass and artificial turf to go across many environments.  Whether you want something nice to weave around your landscaping beds or stepping stones, our highly skilled fake turf installers can craft you a gorgeous surface.  In addition, we provide synthetic grass installation over concrete patios, balconies, decks, and even inside your home for a fun putting green.  Therefore, we have your ground covered with our amazingly strong artificial grass.

Our products come with high quality and are built to last for years to come.  You’ll experience our super soft fibers that look like natural grass.  This is through our premium fibers that are blended for a realistic touch.  We bring you the best with our artificial grass that is lead-free to protect you and your family.  Our products offer you high stability and quality with our ultraviolet-inhibited fibers.  Thus, this protects your fake grass from fading and cracking.

Make it Easy – Call NexGen Lawns

Sit back and rest and let the professionals at NexGen Lawns take care of your synthetic grass installation.  Now, you know NexGen Lawns is who to use for the installation of artificial grass!  Check out the contact us page to find an artificial turf installer near you.   Have any questions?  Then, please call our staff today to discuss your artificial turf purchase and installation.