Where to put Artificial Grass?

Artificial grass and synthetic turf have greatly changed over the years.  With much technological advancement, synthetic grass comes with low-sheen and beautiful luster fibers for an amazingly realistic-looking turf.  Highly different from the older fake grass blades that appeared dull and had low pile height.  These advancements have many homeowners deciding to select fake turf for their lawns.  However, you might be asking yourself, where to put artificial grass?  A great benefit of selecting synthetic turf is the variety of where you can install it.  This means you won’t be limited like regular grass to just the yard.  Instead, you can get creative with artificial grass!  Additionally, you don’t have all the duties of caring for regular grass either.  Why not give yourself a well-deserved break and enjoy a lawn that you don’t have to mow or water.

where to put artificial turf

The artificial grass around this walkway provides a beautiful green landscape.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Where to put Artificial Grass?


The home lawn has numerous options for synthetic turf placement.  This includes across the whole lawn, around trees, landscaping beds, playsets, and more.  Synthetic turf lawns bring you a full green lawn, unlike normal grass that can struggle to grow around trees and shaded spaces.  Whether you need the full lawn covered or just a specific section, NexGen Lawns is the place to call.


The installation of faux grass on your terrace can instantly change the appearance and feel.  Whether your terrace is on the patio, deck, or even on your rooftop, the NexGen Lawns installers work across a variety of spaces.  The touch of faux grass adds not only color to the space but also a nice soft surface to walk across.


Is your walkway drab?  Or maybe it’s a nuisance to mow and edge around?  Then, convert your walkway into something unique.  Synthetic turf offers a functional walkway and a beautiful landscaping piece.  Synthetic turf can go in between stone pavers or placed in sections as a stunning walkway.  If you have a walkway or thinking about adding one, modernize yours with synthetic turf.

Swimming Pool Surrounds:

The lawn around the swimming can swiftly turn into an unpleasant muddy area.  Instead, creating an artificial turf swimming pool surround offers a mud-free space.  This will help not only with the look of your pool area but also with keeping the pool free of grass clippings.

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Those are just a few ideas of where to put artificial grass.  Additionally, synthetic turf can even go indoors.  This can include indoor putting greens, playrooms, and commercial settings.  Have questions about purchasing artificial grass?  Then, give us a ring at 888-844-0672.