Where do I buy an Artificial Putting Green?

If you are in the market for a home putting green, you might be asking where do I buy an artificial putting green?  That’s where NexGen Lawns can set you up with an excellent backyard putting green.  Golfing at home is easy and gives you the opportunity to practice whenever you decide.  The quality of our premium artificial grass shines through and gives you a green that offers you the best roll.  We also customize our artificial grass to fit your space.  Therefore, we can assist you from a large multi-hole putting green with bunkers to a small putting green.

We work across many ground surfaces from concrete patios, rooftops, and decks.  That way even if you don’t have a backyard space you can still have an area to golf on amazing artificial grass from NexGen Lawns.  Additionally, our professional putting green installers can even add one inside your home as well.  That way you can work on your golf swing in the comfort of your home and out of the outdoor weather.

Play on a Low-Maintenanace Putting Green

Would you like a home putting green without all the maintenance?  Then, you’ll love the synthetic grass from NexGen Lawns.  The tedious trimming and continual watering that comes from regular grass putting greens are exhausting.  Trying to keep your putting green grass staying green can turn time consuming.  The part of having your own backyard putting green is to have more time for golf.  Not having to spend your time with all the upkeep of grass putting green.

Therefore, when you select NexGen Lawns for the purchase of synthetic putting turf, you’ll have a playable home green that keeps green for many future years.  Our synthetic grass blades contain ultraviolet inhibitors to give UV protection to prevent the yarn from fading and cracking.  You’ll have a realistic golf setting from our high-end products for years to come.  Additionally, a backyard putting green offers a space to play from the avid golfer to even children.

Where do I buy an artificial putting green

Practice your swing on your own backyard putting green throughout the year.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Where do I buy an Artificial Putting Green?

Now, you know where do I buy an artificial putting green is from NexGen Lawns!  We have a variety of turf products online to view and purchase.  Additionally, NexGen Lawns even installs indoor synthetic putting greens.  An indoor putting green offers a green to yourself while inside your home or office.  You can putt inside out of the elements and have a plush green ground.  Wherever space, contact our staff for your purchase of artificial grass putting green.