When should I buy Artificial Grass?

Oftentimes, homeowners begin to wonder when should I buy artificial grass?  This question might be due to watching your lawn slowly over time wear down.  Additionally, this might be from heavy use from activities with the kids or from looking at the worn spots around playsets.  An active dog can also wear the grass making your lawn transform into mud or bare spots.  Or you have tirelessly worked for years to get any grass to grow only to be left with no grass.  These challenges can make anyone wonder when to buy artificial grass.  NexGen Lawns is here for you and ready to help you get started with your purchase of artificial grass.  We supply a variety of artificial grass and provide professional installation services at residential homes and commercial properties.  You don’t have to continue to wait to wonder when should you buy artificial grass.

when should I buy artificial turf?

Artificial grass can complete your home landscape with a clean look.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Buy Artificial Grass for a Full Lawn

Synthetic grass gives lawns a complete and full lawn without the bare spots caused by wear or shade.  Those areas where you could never get grass to grow can now be full again with fake grass.  NexGen Lawns provides you with premium synthetic grass; thus, you can even feel the quality of our products.  Our advanced artificial grass blades come with softness to provide you with a plush ground.  The low sheen and blended fiber colors provide a natural-looking lawn.

Additionally, when you decide to buy artificial grass, you’ll gain even more free time.  This is from the ease that comes from fake grass.  No more hours upon hours spent over the summer watering and mowing the lawn.  Or trying to keep the grass fertilized, edged, and re-seeded.  Instead, fake grass comes with minimal maintenance to give you a break.  Why keep up the nuisance of lawn work, when you could buy artificial grass.

When should I buy Artificial Grass?

Let’s get started on your purchase of artificial grass for your home lawn from NexGen Lawns.  Make your selection easy with our wide choice of products of artificial grass from the lawn to even a home putting green.  Give us a call at 888-844-0672 to go over your questions.  Or you can easily fill out our online form.  We provide many synthetic grass products to meet a range of needs from the home lawn to artificial athletic turf.