What are Popular Synthetic Grass Landscaping Ideas?

The home landscape can easily be remodeled into something unique and new with artificial grass.  Thus, NexGen Lawns can help you reshape your outdoor landscape with a variety of popular synthetic grass landscaping ideas.  When thinking about redesigning your outdoor space, oftentimes many want something that looks nice yet doesn’t require too much upkeep.  That is why many homeowners are selecting artificial grass for their lawns.  Artificial grass has minimal maintenance and appears realistic for a beautiful piece.  That way you can have an amazing lawn and not have to spend your time trimming and edging the lawn.  With the help of our professional artificial grass installers, your lawn can look gorgeous without all the normal lawn care needs.

What are Popular Synthetic Grass Landscaping Ideas?

What are Popular Synthetic Grass Landscaping Ideas

Make a new beautiful fake grass pathway around your home.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns


Artificial grass provides a sharp-looking piece to place as a pathway.  Whether it is between stepping stones or the path itself, artificial grass gives a soft walkway.  Artificial grass pathways can go anywhere around the home, from the back or front lawn, to the side of the house, or around the swimming pool.

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Add an artificial putting green to your deck for a fun twist.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns


Decks are a great place to sit outside and enjoy the weather.  However, wooden decks fade and wear leaving you left with a dull and colorless space.  That is where synthetic grass transforms your deck into a colorful and lush-feeling surface.  The softness of our artificial grass is a nice treat for feet compared to hard decking which can cause splinters.

Synthetic grass creates a beautiful circle seating area to even the front lawn.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Geometrical Shapes

If you want something truly unique, the fun thing about synthetic grass is the variety of patterns you can create.  Our fake turf installers can sculpt different shapes from circles, squares, rectangles, and more.  Therefore, why not add an artificial grass circle for a fun seating area?  Artificial grass truly gives you the option to design a geometrical shape for your lawn for a modern touch.

While those are just some of the trendy designs of artificial grass if you find yourself asking, what are popular synthetic grass landscaping ideas.  Then, the NexGen Lawns team invites you to browse through our portfolio to see some breathtaking synthetic grass designs for your home landscape.  Additionally, for any questions or if you are ready to start redesigning your landscape, give NexGen Lawns a call.