Urban Grass is Trending Thanks to its Low Maintenance

Urban living has been drastically growing throughout the nation and the downtowns all over.  This is because more people now want to stay close to the city for both work and play.  Therefore, urban grass is trending in the housing market.

The real estate market has been booming when it comes to townhomes, condos, lofts, and high rises.  These lofts and condos give the homeowner more freedom to enjoy the inner city lifestyle while eliminating typical lawn maintenance.  No more dealing with grass upkeep, instead, people can enjoy the downtown lifestyle and have no more time wasted on mowing the grass.  Many condos, lofts, and townhomes also provide outdoor space on the rooftop terrace and there’s no better way to bring green into the modern world than faux grass.  Therefore, synthetic grass can give you a stunning green surface all in the heart of downtown living.

urban grass

A boom in urban living

The increase in urban living has many still wanting some green.  Even with the downtown and high-rise buildings, many are still looking for a green space.  Thus, synthetic grass can easily be installed on concrete rooftops or wooden decks to bring in contemporary elegance and style.  Synthetic grass gives you the option of placing it in different areas.  For example, you can create a beautiful outdoor seating area.  All with the lovely look of fake grass beneath the outdoor furniture.

Many urban homes have selected to upgrade the home with a pristine synthetic grass rooftop, deck, or pergola.  This way you can have the feeling of a backyard, but instead of having it outside on the lawn, it’s on the rooftop.  Synthetic grass gives you the modern outdoors to enjoy year-round with a beautiful skyline view.

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