Enhance your Dog Training Area with Artificial Turf

Dog training areas endure heavy use from active dog paws running and jumping.  This high activity can quickly wear the grass and leave uneven and unsafe grounds for dogs.  Therefore, equip your business with a training area with artificial turf for a strong surface.  Fake turf provides a highly durable dog lawn for even heavy usage.  The wear that normal grass has creates ruts and mud pits.  However, artificial turf provides a mud-free surface to help keep dogs cleaner.  Thus, this means your business can train dogs throughout the year on a quality surface from NexGen Lawns.  We offer multiple selections of pet turf to remodel your business with dog-friendly artificial turf.

 Training Area with Artificial Turf Provides Low-Maintenance

training area artificial turf

Give your dog clients an amazing dog lawn through synthetic turf.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

The synthetic turf provides trainers and dogs with a surface they can use that they will not have to worry about training in a rain-logged yard.  This comes from the rapid drainage to swiftly drain rainwater.  Thus, the mud-free fake turf offers a cleaner training ground for your dog clients.  Not only that, but the drainage system of artificial turf also drains dog urine to reduce smells.  Dogs can train outdoors and you will no longer have to mess with dirty paws coming back inside after it rains.

There will now be more precious training time available on the low-maintenance synthetic turf with no worries of mowing and watering.  The reduced maintenance means you can offer more training time at your business.  Additionally, you’ll reduce your costs of re-sodding the grass, mowing, fertilizing, and watering.  These items take time to complete to tend to the lawn, instead, artificial turf gives you a training lawn with minimal maintenance.

Not only will artificial turf provide you with a low-maintenance dog lawn, but also with a lawn that stays green.  Our artificial turf has UV protection with ultraviolet inhibitors to help keep your fake turf from fading prematurely.  This ensures your fake turf dog lawn looks amazing for years to come.

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