Revel in your Synthetic Winter Grass all Season Long

The winter season usually means watching the grass turn brown and trees fade their colors away. Many homeowners begin to look for ways to keep their grass healthy. Staying green during these colder months is easy with synthetic winter grass. If you are looking for a solution to actually keep your grass this winter and have it stay green, then NexGen Lawns can help with synthetic winter grass.

If you have made the choice to install a synthetic grass lawn system on your lawn, you won’t have to worry about the grass browning away once it turns cold. The benefits of having green grass during the winter don’t stop just there. A NexGen Lawns synthetic grass lawn solution doesn’t require any watering, lawn mowing, or harmful lawn applications. With our help, you will save money on your water bills and have more free time on the weekends without having to work away in the yard. Go ahead; revel in your synthetic winter grass all season long!

synthetic winter grassThis stunning artificial grass lawn will shine bright during the winter, especially as you decorate your home for the Holidays. Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Synthetic Winter Grass is perfect for the Whole Family

NexGen Lawns synthetic green grass comes with perks for the whole family to utilize outside. For children that still want to bundle up and go play outside in the sunshine, synthetic grass gives the kids a place to play outside during the wintertime. Not only is artificial grass kid-friendly, but dog-friendly too! Dogs will love having a green space to use for bathroom breaks and playtime.

Now, if you’re worried about kids and pets playing outside during the cooler months. This usually involves an increase in rain, don’t fret. NexGen Lawns’ artificial grass comes equipped with an advanced drainage system. This pulls water through to leave the grass dry quickly and mud-free!

If you’re ready to have a well-manicured beautiful lawn every season of the year, then NexGen Lawns synthetic lawn systems are the solution. We carry a wide arrange of synthetic grass products from lawns, backyard putting greens, dog runs, playgrounds, sports fields, and more. Check out our synthetic turf that is used for more than just synthetic winter grass. Have questions or ready to schedule your commercial or residential home installation? Give our synthetic grass experts a call today at 1 (888) 844-0672 to learn more.