Synthetic Turf Kennels & Dog Runs Keep Facilities Clean

Is your dog kennel, dog run, or grooming facility looking for a better dog lawn or kennel surface this year?  Or perhaps looking for something for your pets at home to play on outside all year?  Either way, the professionals at NexGen Lawns can assist you with selecting artificial turf and the full installation service of synthetic turf kennels.  Many businesses and homes with dogs have decided to go with the strong surface of artificial turf.  This is due to the many benefits that come from synthetic turf.   The first benefit is the most recognizable of no longer having to mow the grass.  Second, is the savings of water usage on the lawn.  Additionally, artificial dog grass eliminates toxic fertilizer applications that regular grass needs to keep staying green.

synthetic turf

NexGen Lawns K9 synthetic turf systems keep dog runs and play areas clean and dry.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Synthetic Turf Kennels & Dog Runs Keep Facilities Clean

Synthetic turf for dogs not only aids in lower upkeep but also keeps homes and doggy businesses clean.  NexGen Lawns K9 synthetic turf features one of the strongest backings in the industry to allow for rapid flow drainage to keep outdoor spaces dry and clean.  Dogs also will still get outdoor playtime even if it has rained.  The clean and dry turf area eliminates muddy spaces and dangerous uneven grounds that come from grass.  There will also be no more muddy paws to wipe or spray down!  This will help to keep both the inside of your business cleaner and the dogs too!  Dogs will love the soft smooth realistic feeling of NexGen Lawns K9 synthetic turf.  Customers will also love driving up with their pets to an always green and clean-looking facility that has utilized artificial turf.

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NexGen Lawns also installs and supplies highly durable artificial dog turf for purchase for commercial sites and residential homes.  Our top-quality synthetic turf dog runs, dog kennels, and dog parks will help you to experience less upkeep.  Synthetic turf easily installs inside on top of concrete for indoor kennels or indoor training facilities.  Dogs will, therefore, love having always green artificial turf grass to play and exercise on year-round that is smooth and free of mud.  We invite you to view our wide selection of artificial dog turf available for purchase.  To get started on scheduling your next installation project or for any questions, please contact NexGen Lawns at 1-888-844-0672.