Bring the Outdoors in with a Synthetic Turf Indoor Park

Do you have a building that you’re considering artificial turf?  Then, Bring the Outdoors in with a Synthetic Turf Indoor Park.  Families can experience walking into your building space that brings the outside inside with artificial turf.  Artificial turf provides a place for kids and adults to play year-round. The synthetic turf gives adults a place to relax as well as a place for kids to play games.  For example, you can play games from a playground area, horseshoes, tennis, mini-golf, and much more with fake grass!  Therefore, for a one-of-a-kind space, convert your building floors with lavishly covered synthetic turf floor coverings from NexGen Lawns.

synthetic turf indoor park

Change the inside feeling with green synthetic grass.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Bring the Outdoors in with a Synthetic Turf Indoor Park

The abundance of uses synthetic turf brings to both commercial and residential applications provides much-needed green spaces to lawns, rooftops, patios, paved spaces, and interiors of buildings.   Artificial turf provided the building with an excellent design scheme.  It brightens up the cold stark concrete building into a welcoming and inviting indoor park.  Visitors can enjoy the colorful scenery throughout your building from the use of synthetic turf.  Additionally, NexGen Lawns can include sporting areas inside your building.  This includes artificial sporting turf, batting cages, and playground areas.  These are great amenities artificial grass can add to your business!

NexGen Lawns synthetic turfs advanced technology provides both business and homeowners a high-quality turf that is completely versatile and can be used in multiple applications.  Our artificial grass brings in lasting style to indoor spaces for a welcoming glow.  Come experience all the benefits synthetic turf can bring to your own home or business with NexGen Lawns synthetic grass.  Whether that is for an indoor artificial grass installation or outdoors, our team is here to help you transform your space!

The design crew at NexGen Lawns can assist you today in your next lawn or business transformation.  Give our experts a call at 888-844-0672, and remember to ask for a free no-cost obligatory quote.  We look forward to hearing from you and assisting you with all your synthetic grass or synthetic turf needs for both commercial and residential properties.