End the Muddy Paws with Synthetic Turf for Dogs

The winter months mean the grass is gone and the mud has arrived.  However, you can end those muddy paws with synthetic turf for dogs by NexGen Lawns.  If you have a dog or even multiple dogs at home, then you know about the struggle of muddy paws.  No matter how hard we try as dog owners to keep the dog out of a muddy section of the lawn, they seem to go directly into it.  This causes the hassle of wiping off their paws, underbelly, or even face if they like to sniff the dirt.

The dirt and mud stuck in between the pads of their feet get tracked indoors across the carpet and furniture.  Or even you if your dog jumps up on you!  Synthetic turf for dogs changes all of these muddy problems by delivering you a faux lawn with a highly rapid drainage system without the mud.

synthetic turf for dogs

Synthetic grass gives the dog space for outdoor fun while keeping the mud off their paws.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Synthetic Turf for Dogs Gives a Highly Functional Space

The benefits of synthetic turf at home include more than our lovable pets.  Your new mud-free lawn not only ends seeing mud on the dogs’ feet but the kids’ and adults too.  Therefore, everyone can gather outside on a mess-free synthetic lawn and not track back in the mud through a fast-draining surface.  Our synthetic grass has an exceptional strength to offer you a truly durable lawn.  It won’t break down prematurely or crack through our ultraviolet inhibitors.

Now, the family members and dogs will have a surface that keeps green all year, unlike grass.  This means you can utilize a lawn even during cooler months when regular grass would’ve browned away.  Therefore, you can use your back lawn for a variety of activities all year.  For example, you’ll have a backyard ready for use for birthday parties, celebrations, holidays, gatherings, and playtime.  Synthetic turf gives you a lawn for everyone!

We carry multiple selections of pet grass for not only homes but businesses too.  Our staff can help give your dog business a new strong dog turf lawn or kennel.  Plus, your potential clients will drive up and see a beautiful faux green surface, and not see a torn-up dirt lawn.  Are you ready to begin your very own doggy lawn remodel?  Then, call 1-888-844-0672 to locate a NexGen Lawns representative near you to start seeing cleaner paws through fake grass.