Experience Superior Products by NexGen Lawns Synthetic Turf Company

Are you longing for a well-manicured lawn, but don’t want to deal with the upkeep involved?  Then, NexGen Lawns has a cure with our synthetic turf company to solve your woes.  We offer eco-friendly synthetic grass and artificial grass products made of exceptionally high quality.  The high-end quality shows throughout our synthetic turf company, from the fibers, backing, and installation process.  With NexGen Lawns, your new lawn will look gorgeous with no work required by you.  Since our turf is eco-friendly, there is no watering involved.  Or gas-polluting lawn equipment needed to keep up with the grass.  Therefore, leaving you with a stunning lawn made from advanced research and technology.  The new faux grass yard will perform better and look realistic.  Plus, it’s family-friendly, which even includes the dog too!

synthetic turf company

Multiple Choices with NexGen Lawns Synthetic Turf Company

  • Synthetic Putting Greens – Add some style and fun to your backyard with a synthetic putting green.  With all the extra free time you’ll have with an easy-maintenance lawn, you will have time to work on your swing.  Putting greens aid in upping and maintaining your golfing game.  Plus, they are fun and can be stress relievers.
  • Synthetic Sports Options – We also offer lots of synthetic sporting options.  Homeowners can add bocce ball courts, batting cages, and tennis courts to their backyard with fake grass.  There are no worries about keeping the turf trimmed or growing, synthetic grass is ready for sport time.  Plus, we also offer commercial turf sports fields for outdoor or indoor spaces.
  • Synthetic Dog Spaces – Synthetic grass is a smart pick for pet owners.  Synthetic grass keeps up with active dogs.  Therefore, leaving a non-worn down lawn that is free of messy dirt and mud.  Dog cleanup is even easier too!  Synthetic dog grass washes clean with rain or the hose.  Therefore, helping to keep a clean lawn for everyone to enjoy.
  • Synthetic Play Spaces – Synthetic grass is perfect under play equipment.  This includes trampolines, swing sets, and slides.  Plus, you won’t have to deal with any dying grass underneath the equipment when you choose an always-green turf lawn.  Or having to mow around the play equipment.

With lots of variety to suit your lawn, call us to go over which selection is best for you.  You can reach us by filling out our online form or simply call to speak to our staff at 1-888-844-0672.  Until then, view our synthetic selections from NexGen Lawns’ synthetic turf company.