Why Synthetic Lawns Provide Excellent Outdoor Greenery

Lawn care means the tedious tasks of pushing the dreaded lawnmower or wasting time sitting on a mower, watering, applying fertilizers, and toxic pesticides, edging, and laying seeds. After all of this work on a continual basis, how much personal free time is left? How many times have you been outside in the heat watering this summer only to be left with dying browning grass? Synthetic lawns provide a year-round outdoor retreat that is relaxing and no work required.

Synthetic grass gives lawns a full and lush yard that stays full year-round. That irritating spot that never grows around trees, the side of the house, or by the fence will now be bountiful with faux grass. Synthetic grass offers the whole yard a year-round landscape that is soft and clean, which is perfect for children and pets.  Thus, this is why synthetic lawns provide excellent outdoor greenery.

synthetic lawnsThis amazing synthetic grass lawn can be installed at your home with the help of NexGen Lawns professionals. Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Enjoy the Benefits of Synthetic Lawns

  1. Easy Maintenance
    Synthetic grass lawns rid the annoyances that come with regular grass lawn care maintenance. So say goodbye to the lawnmower, watering hose, edger, and harmful chemical applications. Artificial grass lawns stay green year-round to provide an enjoyable space at any time of the year. Plus, dogs love it too!
  2. No Mud
    No problems with muddy spring and fall yards again with NexGen Lawns’ advanced drainage system that leaves yards dry without the mud. Therefore, this means no muddy footprints and paw prints in the house ever again!
  3. Environmentally Friendly
    Our superior synthetic grass products are non-toxic, 100% lead-free, and also even recyclable at their end-use. Synthetic grass and artificial turf reduce the toxic lawn chemicals and mower gas from flowing into and harming our water streams.

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NexGen Lawns’ synthetic grass greenery gives you the lawn you’ve always wanted. It’s perfect for both large and small outdoor spaces and around landscaping stepping stones. Additionally, you’ll save money on your water bill! You can easily shop our stunning synthetic grass for lawns for your outdoor lawn transformation concept. For any questions, please give our synthetic grass design crew a call today at 1-888-844-0672. NexGen Lawns does more than just lawn installations.  We supply and provide synthetic grass pool surrounds, dog runs, a backyard putting green, sporting fields, playground grass, and many more.  Therefore, our staff is here for all your synthetic grass needs for your home.