Add Synthetic Home Grass for a Gorgeous Landscape

Landscaping has become a must-have for many homeowners and potential home buyers. Without the right landscaping present in homes, many lose their curb appeal. This means your potential could-be buyers will drive right along past your home, and you’ll miss an opportunity to showcase your beautiful home both inside and outside.  Additionally, no one wants to have the drab landscape house on the block. Add synthetic home grass for a gorgeous landscape!

Synthetic grass for homes helps to showcase your lawn and brighten your home. If you have ever tried to sell your home, then you understand the constant pressure to keep your home in pristine condition at all times. Synthetic grass takes away the worries of hurrying to mow the lawn to keep the grass freshly cut and clean looking. Not only does it eliminate the hassles of trimming, but it also helps with the chore of keeping the grass continually watered.  As well as spreading lawn applications. No matter if you are trying to showcase your home or enjoy your current home, synthetic grass gives you more time to enjoy what you love.

add synthetic home grassA synthetic grass lawn system gives a beautifully clean-cut lawn all year long. Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Synthetic Home Grass can be applied to Multiple Areas

The benefits of utilizing synthetic turf at your home means it can be applied to multiple areas around your home.  Thus, fake grass is easy to care for and gives eloquent clean-cut lines that don’t require trimming or watering. You won’t have to waste your weekends or weeknights away constantly trimming and edging your lawn. A few turf grass applications include: used around landscaping rocks, surrounding pools, sides of the lawn, underneath trees, add synthetic home grass, between pavers, and in those hard-to-grow shady areas. Additionally, synthetic grass is both kid and pet-friendly! It’s the perfect landscape for dog runs and underneath playground equipment.  NexGen Lawns synthetic grass contains high-quality soft fibers that the whole family can walk or run across.  Additionally, even the dog will love to walk across the faux turf. Plus, our synthetic turf fibers look great with their unbelievably realistic look.

We invite you to view our large selection of premium synthetic home grass available online for individual purchase. Please contact our team at 1-888-844-0672 to learn more about how you can achieve a gorgeous landscape.  Or if you are also ready to schedule your artificial grass installation. We look forward to helping you and your landscape!