A Place for All Ages to Enjoy on a Synthetic Grass Playground

Outdoor playgrounds offer a place for all ages to take pleasure in.  Whether it’s a young child having fun and playing or an adult enjoying the social aspect, playgrounds are beneficial for many.  Children have the opportunity to improve physical strength and balance on play equipment. They also help give them a place for social interaction among their peers.  This is why synthetic grass playgrounds provide a place where all ages can enjoy the benefits.  People of all ages can enjoy social interaction and physical activity at a park or playground.

Synthetic grass provides a park surface that stays green throughout the year.  This means even in the cooler weather there’s still a green faux grass surface for playtime.  A weather-resident playground, therefore, provides a place to enjoy all year round with the fast-draining turf.  Rainwater quickly drains through the fake turf to leave no mud.  Everyone in the family from children to older adults can go out outside in a non-muddy park setting.

synthetic turf playground

Both older and younger generations have a safe and clean environment to exercise on with synthetic turf.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

A place for all ages to enjoy on a Synthetic Grass Playground

NexGen Lawns offers artificial play grass with an additional underlayment of foam padding.  This will give adults peace of mind knowing the surface contains a padded foam base underneath for a safer playground area.  This highly elastic foam base helps to retain shock absorption to protect adults and children.  The padding is lead-free and contains no rubber, lead, or other heavy metal.  Both adults and children will feel safer on the soft synthetic grass fibers.  It gives them a cushioned play space to socialize and have fun.

NexGen Lawns can transform your personal backyard, school, daycare, or park into a year-round synthetic grass playground to encourage socialization and playtime.  Synthetic grass offers the versatility to be applied on multiple surfaces to create the best play area for not only children but adults as well.  Artificial grass helps to protect the joints of both children and adults from falls with a padded underlayment.  Our installers provide artificial grass for both indoor and outdoor play areas.

Please give us a call today to start your order of artificial grass.  One of our representatives will be happy to assist you in your next indoor or outdoor playground enhancement with the addition of synthetic grass.  For any questions, you can reach our office at 888-844-0672.