Upgrade with Synthetic Grass for Medians

Medians can look lovely and add a beautiful appearance to roadways and near business sidewalks.  However, if the medians are not kept well-maintained they can look unsightly.  Change out those boring and hard-to-maintain medians by upgrading them with synthetic grass for medians. Remodeling with synthetic grass, city, and commercial properties will not have to fret over trying to grow grass in difficult spots and heavily trafficked areas.  Artificial grass provides a beautifully landscaped median.  As well as the durability and strength to withstand heavy foot traffic.

The synthetic grass also reduces landscaping costs for the city, because it requires no mowing, watering, or toxic fertilizers.  The medians with artificial grass will always be green and beautiful. This is due to the completely low maintenance of artificial turf placed inside the medians.  NexGen Lawns synthetic grass for medians provides a beautifully landscaped median without any landscaping care needed.

Durability & Easy Maintenance with Synthetic Grass for Medians

Smaller spaces like parking or traffic medians that might have shade make growing natural grass difficult.  However, fake grass keeps green even in shady locations.  These spaces can also experience heavy foot traffic, which can quickly wear the grass down to the dirt.  This makes growing grass very tough to achieve in highly trafficked locations.  As well as to maintain the areas. Placing synthetic grass down along the medians not only separates busy streets but also keeps landscaping crews safe from not having to work near moving traffic.  The grass gives the city beautiful aesthetics that will always look lush and well-maintained year-round.

Synthetic Grass for Medians

Therefore if you are looking to transform your traffic median, roundabout, or parking lot medians, for your city or commercial property, let NexGen Lawns know. We also can help your outdoor space stay green year-long without constant maintenance with our premium artificial grass.  Artificial turf helps to conserve water and reduce pollution from gas-powered mowers. This can help to reduce your outdoor landscaping costs without having to pay to keep the grass mowed and watered.  It also eliminates the need for poisonous lawn chemical applications.  Investing in creating a green clean space, also lowers your workers’ liability costs from working around busy traffic.

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