Synthetic Grass is the New Outdoor Posh

Backyard Patios and Balconies with Synthetic GrassAs winter gets closer and closer here in Oklahoma, many are left with brown fading grass and brown spots in their yard, therefore cold hard concrete is left as their backyard oasis. Why only have those lush feelings of green for just the summer months? At NexGen Lawns, we can also turn your outdoor living space into a year-round oasis for you and your guests with synthetic grass. We understand all backyards are each individual’s space and style. That’s why the team at NexGen Lawns will also meet with you and help bring your outdoor ideas into existence.

Backyard Patios and Balconies with Synthetic Grass

NexGen Lawns understands your backyard patio and balcony become your second living room quarters. Why not make it feel like that year long for everyone to enjoy? The artificial grass installed on top of your concrete patio or wood decking is simple. We will bring the harsh dull outdoor living colors back to life year-round for your family and entertainment needs. The possibilities of outdoor styles are endless, and our team can help design the perfect space for you.

Swimming Areas with Synthetic GrassSwimming Areas with Synthetic Grass

We all know the feeling of getting out of the swimming pool and stepping onto the slick concrete.  Or getting muddy grass onto our feet. Now imagine yourself stepping out of the swimming pool and also being greeted by the soft lush feeling of artificial grass on your feet. Gazing out by your pool and having green always surround you and your guests. NexGen Lawns’ artificial grass surrounding a swimming pool will add to the beauty of your swimming pool area year long.  It will also keep your pool and surrounding area clean. Therefore by installing our pristine synthetic grass instead of natural grass around your pool, it will also eliminate the possibility of grass clippings getting into the pool.  As well as muddy areas from water runoff.

Stylish Strips in Driveways

Concrete pavers for driveways and patios have become increasingly popular.  Leaving the concrete pavers spaced with rocks or real grass leads to pebbles all over your driveway.  As well as, the burden of having to always trim and edge the grass between the pavers.  With NexGen Lawns’ artificial grass spacing the pavers, you will always have a classy clean look of green without the need to sweep rocks back into space.  Or trim the grass between each paver.

Let NexGen Lawns use our innovative design style to help turn your patio or balcony, swimming pool surrounds, and/or driveway strips into your year-round backyard oasis today. Please give us a call today at 888-844-0672 and one of our NexGen Lawns representatives will be happy to assist you today.  Remember, to ask us for a free quote.  NexGen Lawns will be looking forward to hearing from you and also assisting you with your outdoor transformation with artificial grass.