Boast Synthetic Grass at your Home

Synthetic turf adds vibrancy and style to the landscape of your home property.  That’s why you should boast synthetic grass at your home.  Take a glimpse below at how fake grass remodels lawns with a refreshing style that looks amazing.  The addition of synthetic grass across the lawn brings a glow of color to dull spaces in need of something brighter.  Many landscapes can struggle with shade casting down making growing grass hard.  Therefore, this leaves lawns left with grass that involves countless hours of watering.  However, artificial grass provides water-saving grass to encase your home.  You no longer need to drag the sprinkler out, instead, you’ll have a waterless lawn through fake grass.

synthetic grass home

Artificial grass wraps around the backyard pool creating an eloquent space.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

A modern, fresh design with synthetic grass at home

A great thing about fake grass is the ability to style it around and over multiple spaces.  Synthetic grass can be crafted cleanly around the outdoor patio, landscaping beds, and below trees.  Therefore, this gives you the ability to weave the lush green color of artificial grass around your lawn and home.  The artificial grass around the pool pictured above provides a beautiful lawn without any mud to contend with.  Splashing water outside of the pool can turn green lawns into brown mud pits.  However, the fast drainage system beneath the artificial grass quickly drains the water to leave your lawn mud-free.

Additionally, fake grass can even go over backyard patios, rooftops, and wooden decks.  This can turn these areas that might be lacking in a beautiful green color with a new style all with artificial grass.  The artificial grass can cover your patio with a new softness to the ground.  Thus, the modern look of faux grass truly changes up any space into a new stylish feature.

If you are ready for your own modern faux lawn design, let NexGen Lawns help you change your landscape.  Please give NexGen Lawns a call today and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you.  Additionally, we invite you to check out our selection of synthetic grass for your home.

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