Add a New Synthetic Grass Dog Park for Urban Residents

Urban living offers numerous perks of being close to the inner city from a shorter commute to parks and places to dine. However, while the freedom from no more outdoor upkeep is exhilarating for the residents, the dogs suffer from having nowhere to play outdoors.  Therefore, add a new synthetic grass dog park for urban residents.  Whether you own an apartment complex, business, or condos – adding a synthetic grass dog park is a great perk to have for your residents or clients.  Or for your own urban townhome or condo!  Synthetic grass allows residents to take their beloved pets to a place to go outdoors and enjoy a park setting.  Thus, this gives dog owners a healthy venue for their dogs and even a great place for socialization.

new synthetic grass dog park

Dogs can relax or play outdoors at an artificial grass dog park.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Experience the softness of a new synthetic grass dog park

Synthetic grass provides a softness to the ground for dogs to play on, unlike the hardness of concrete.  Concrete can be especially hazardous in the winter months for dogs and owners alike.  The ground turns cold and hard.  However, deciding to invest in synthetic grass, dogs will be able to enjoy soft grass year-round to socialize and play on.  Additionally, the dog park will be cleaner by allowing the dog urine to easily flow through the highly advanced drainage system.  The drainage system quickly drains both dog urine and rainwater to leave a mud-free surface behind.  This helps to not only reduce smells but also to keep both the dogs and dog park cleaner.

The flexibility of synthetic grass allows you to offer a dog space that can go outside buildings, on rooftops, patios, and more.  Therefore, even if you don’t have any available outdoor lawn space, fake grass gives you that easily over rooftops or decks.  These spaces can be underutilized.  Offering a dog park at these locations is a great amenity to provide to your clients.  Dogs can still play outdoors on a rooftop synthetic grass dog park.

Let NexGen Lawns help your home or business bring happiness to dogs with our synthetic dog grass.  Please give us a call today.  One of our representatives will be happy to assist you in your next lawn or business transformation.  Give us a ring at 888-844-0672. You can also email NexGen Lawns anytime with our online contact form.  Remember to ask for a free no-cost obligatory quote.