Refurbish with Synthetic Grass for Decks

Synthetic grass offers you the ability to use it across a variety of surfaces.  While synthetic grass brings added value and lavish style to personal homes and commercial properties, synthetic grass for decks does the same for deck tops. Synthetic grass brings in ultra-luxury when compared to concrete or worn-down wood decking.  Old decking and concrete patios can look dated and leave you with a bleak-looking outdoor area.  Many people don’t think of their deck as something to remodel; however, fake grass changes it up by providing a new surface.  One that is crisp and clean and complements many styles.

Synthetic grass also offers fun uses on the deck too!  You can add a miniature putting green on your deck for a fabulous way to have fun outside.  A synthetic putting green over your deck can give you a place to practice your swing.  As well as giving you a great outdoor surface for family gatherings and social get-togethers.

synthetic grass for decks

This deck incorporates a synthetic putting green for added fun in the backyard!  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Install Synthetic Grass for Decks

By bringing the outdoors right on top of your deck through synthetic grass for decks, you will be able to enjoy feeling realistic turf.  NexGen Lawns provides high-end synthetic grass fibers that feel amazing to the touch.  Especially against a hard decking surface that’s rough and unwelcoming.  Why not pamper your feet with the softness of fake grass?  Additionally, synthetic turf’s extreme durability will be able to handle outdoor weather conditions.  You won’t have to worry about maintaining the grass-like surface with the chores of watering or chemical treatments.  Artificial turf can go along decks with whirlpools and swimming pools too.  The fake turf feels great around the pool, and you also won’t have those annoying grassy feet dirtying up the pool.

NexGen Lawns’ highly skilled installation team and stylish designers can create a perfectly covered outdoor wood deck with synthetic grass for decks.  We carry only the most premium synthetic grass and synthetic turf to bring you only the best in your space.  Thus, we can easily install soft and smooth artificial turf over rough and hazardous wooden decking.  Parents and caregivers can feel at ease knowing children will not get splinters or trip over any nails.

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