Go Green with Synthetic Golf Turf

Do you own a commercial golf club or driving range?  Or maybe you’re an avid golfer looking to add a consistent hitting area to your home.  Either way, NexGen Lawns’ synthetic golf turf can suit your golfing space with our advanced synthetic fibers.  Our high-quality synthetic fibers help you go green both at home and on the course!  How?  With artificial grass, the expensive and wasteful watering of the green comes to an end.  Plus, artificial golfing greens do not require you to close down to reseed and fertilize the green.  Instead, the golfing surface comes built highly durable for constant golfing traffic.  In addition, not only will you be going green through the elimination of watering, but with stopping mowing the green too.  Those loud gas-powered mowers and trimmers will no longer be needed.  Therefore, you’ll have a high-class synthetic surface that will shine throughout the seasons.

synthetic golf turf

Synthetic golf turf allows for any space to experience the game of golf.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Use Synthetic Golf Turf in Multiple Ways

Backyard Synthetic Greens – Golfers have the opportunity to continue their game on their own time at home with backyard synthetic greens.  Thus, synthetic greens have increasingly become more popular with our eco-friendly turf.  Homeowners no longer have to deal with trying to keep the putting hole green for their personal tee time.

Commercial Golf Courses – Synthetic grass at commercial golf courses aid in huge savings through our water-less turf grass.  By going green with synthetic golf turf, your business can see big maintenance savings by stopping the wasteful watering and mowing.

Driving Ranges – Give your customers a driving range that provides all-year usage through artificial grass. Artificial grass driving ranges eliminate the old ways of ending the season with brown grass.  Instead, you’ll have a synthetic turfgrass that stays a beautiful blended green color all year long.

Tee Mats –  Tee mats can wear quickly; however, our advanced synthetic turf comes built with durability.  Golfers can tee off on a heavy-duty synthetic tee mat all season.  Therefore, this gives stunning golfing mats that can be used both inside and out.

The above items are just a few of the golfing options available for our premium artificial grass.  However, if you would like to learn more, we invite you to see our synthetic golf turf available for purchase through our online store.  You can reach our synthetic golfing staff at 1-888-844-0672 to schedule your home or business installation project.