Pamper your Dog with Synthetic Dog Grass

Goofy grins and slobbery smiles warm up our pet lovers’ hearts when coming home after a hard day of work.  NexGen Lawns is here to pamper your dog with synthetic dog grass. Dogs are always there for us no matter what. Whether it’s comforting us when we feel down or being playful and silly right along with us. They have such innocence and likability that it is such a joyful experience to be their pet parents.

Why not also give your dog their very own space and pamper your dog with synthetic dog grass? Just like some pet owners that enjoy having the freedom of their own area from a designated room or outdoor area, dogs should have a space to play and run around just for themselves. But, creating a safe and clean outdoor space they deserve requires careful consideration. You wouldn’t want to walk barefoot across cold concrete or hard uneven gravel rocks and neither do dogs. Below we will go over some attributes of synthetic grass for dogs.

We need to pamper dog synthetic dog grass.A synthetic grass dog run gives pups their very own space they will love to play upon. Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Synthetic Dog Grass Attributes

Durability – Dogs have four paws to run and jump across the ground, and NexGen Lawns synthetic turf provides the strength and high-end durability to keep up with active pets. Our strong synthetic fibers come built specifically with dogs in mind and can handle heavy paw traffic.

Mud-Free – Unlike grass, synthetic dog turf is also equipped with a drainage system that swiftly drains rainwater to keep the lawn dry. Dogs and pet owners will experience a year-round mud-free lawn for lots of rounds of fetch. That way you can pamper your dog with mud-free synthetic dog grass.

Soft – Our strong synthetic fibers are soft to the touch, which is ideal for sensitive dog paws. The soft fiber protects their padded feet unlike gravel or concrete dog runs that are rough.  Instead, dogs can have a nice plush surface to play fetch on.

Clean – A clean and safe space is what dogs need, and synthetic grass provides a space that does not require any harmful chemicals. No more toxic fertilizer treatments needed with fake grass installed.  The synthetic dog turf can easily be washed clean through rain or from the water hose.

If you are ready to pamper your pet or would like to learn more about adding a dog run at your house, then please give us a call today at 1-888-844-0672. Synthetic grass applications can go outside, over decks, patios, and balconies – perfect for any doggy space. We invite you to check out our synthetic dog grass available for purchase through our online store.