Brighten the Winter up with Synthetic Artificial Grass

With the dreary winter weather, the outside lawn can look rather bleak and uninviting.  However, with the professional synthetic artificial grass installers at NexGen Lawns instead, you can view a festive and inviting lawn all throughout the year.  A synthetic grass lawn brightens up the dreary outside lawn with something more bright and simple.  Why keep looking out at the brown dead grass this winter?  Give yourself a simple synthetic artificial grass lawn instead of loading the lawn with lawn chemicals and grass seeds over these colder months.  Artificial grass does not have to be watered, mowed, edged, or spread those harmful lawn chemicals.  This means more time to spend with your loved ones and not outside fighting the cold to prep the lawn.  Plus, when you look outside the window the lawn will shine with lustrous artificial fibers every season from NexGen Lawns.

synthetic artificial grass

Synthetic artificial turf can decorate up any area with a welcoming green surface.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Synthetic Artificial Grass offers you a Lawn on Multiple Surfaces

The great benefit of synthetic grass is that even if you don’t have a yard, you can still have a faux grassy surface.  If looking out the window means you only see gray or brown no matter what season, NexGen Lawns can help you!  We have helped numerous properties with the installation of artificial grass on their deck, patio, rooftop, and balcony.  This means whether you’re in a residential home, condo, patio home, apartment, or townhome – you can still have a green space through synthetic grass.   Our premium synthetic fibers provide an amazing look to transform any dull surface into a colorful and soft surface.

Artificial grass not only changes the way your space looks but also feels.  Our high-end quality synthetic grass brings softness to your ground that feels great under your feet.  No more rough-feeling wood or concrete.  Plus, artificial turf is dog-friendly!  Not only will you have a great-looking and feeling synthetic grass to use, but the dog will have a place to play too.

This winter give any space the beauty of synthetic artificial grass for a bright and merry treat.  We carry an assortment of artificial grass to cover your surface at home or business.  Plus, we can even add extras with a fun putting green feature right in your yard or over your deck.  Thus, start seeing some green over these cold dreary months, call NexGen Lawns for all your synthetic turf needs.