Boost the Front Lawn with Synthetic Sidewalk Grass

Does your home front lawn struggle near the sidewalk area?  NexGen Lawns’ synthetic sidewalk grass can help your struggling front lawn out!  The small grass area that borders between the sidewalk and street can endure many problems.  With concrete surrounding the space on both sides, the grass can burn out in the heat.  Thus, leaving you with a brown grass section near the sidewalk.  In addition, the mailbox or other obstacles can create issues not only to mow around but also for the grass to grow.  Even trying to direct the sprinkler water on the slender grass section is hard.

Synthetic sidewalk grass gives you a grassy space that actually stays a beautiful green with no watering, edging, or mowing.  The zero edging is especially a plus since the sidewalk section requires edging on both sides.  Additionally, the space between the sidewalk and the street experiences more foot traffic of individuals walking up.  Synthetic grass comes built to last with high durability!

sidewalk grass

Showcase a beautiful sidewalk area with our premium artificial grass products.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Synthetic Sidewalk Grass Works at Homes & Commercial Spaces

Many homes, apartments, condos, and even businesses can transform their entrances with artificial grass.  The sidewalk is frequented by many neighbors and customers for businesses.  Thus, our strong faux grass doesn’t leave brown patches in the yard.  Switching to an artificial turf entrance will keep it neat.  Plus, synthetic turf is mud-free, which keeps shoes coming home or into a store clean.  Why stop with just the sidewalk?  Synthetic grass works wonders throughout the entire lawn or commercial frontage space.  This is due to the crisp and clean look the eloquent faux turf fibers provide the lawn.  Additionally, our installers can intertwine synthetic grass throughout sidewalks, driveways, landscaping beds, stepping stones, and more.  Plus, your commercial business or home will have less outdoor lawn work, which helps to save you money and time!

Want to transform your sidewalk grass?  Or have another space where you want to add the many benefits of synthetic turf?  Then, we invite you to call one of the representatives today.  Check out the NexGen Lawns selection of synthetic grass for your office and home frontage space.  Our professional NexGen Lawns installers can stop your grass hassles, and leave you with a beautiful faux turf design.  We offer many different options from landscaping turf grass, putting greens, sports turf, and much more.