Select Artificial Grass in the Backyard

Let’s face it, summer lawn work is just plain tiresome.  Trying to keep the lawn well-watered in the heat is a never-ending chore.  Plus, it’s costing you more in your water bill.  That is why many homeowners have decided to select artificial grass in the backyard.  A synthetic grass lawn brings a waterless ground that lets you showcase a natural-looking setting.  In addition to not watering, you won’t have to mow the grass in the sweltering heat either!  Instead, you can have an artificial lawn without the maintenance of regular grass.  An artificial grass yard also includes eliminating the yard work of trimming, edging, and even applying hazardous lawn chemicals.  Therefore, why not give yourself a break from lawn mowing for years to come and select artificial grass in the backyard!  NexGen Lawns offers homeowners high-quality and stunning artificial grass with high functionality.

select artificial grass in the backyard

Artificial grass offers a green faux lawn for even shady areas.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Select Artificial Grass in the Backyard & More!

The great thing about artificial grass is the versatility that it brings.  Thus, you can enjoy a soft ground covering in spaces where grass simply cannot grow grass.  This might be in certain areas of the lawn or even spaces other than the lawn.  For example, artificial grass can change the look of decks, patios, and rooftops.  Instead of having rocks, dirt, wood, or concrete as the surface – you can have a new unique design with fake grass.  This means if you have no green space and only a small patio or deck, now you can have a lush green synthetic grass surface.  Artificial grass gives a mud-free space that’s great for areas around the pool and kid zones.  Plus, even the dog can utilize the lawn when you select artificial grass in the backyard.  Everyone can play outside or sit back and relax with the low-maintenance and mud-free ground.

NexGen Lawns will help you enjoy a whole new yard with synthetic grass.  Whether you want to select artificial grass in the backyard or other spaces, contact our team.  We offer a large variety of highly specialized artificial grass with top-notch quality.  Not only do we provide landscaping fake grass, but also artificial playground grass and synthetic putting greens.  Therefore, our team can complete your lawn with many options to perfect your outdoor setting.  Call today at 1-888-844-0672 and start the installation of a new backyard with artificial grass.