Give yourself some Relaxation on Synthetic Grass

Are you looking for not only an easy lawn but also something more relaxing?  Then, give yourself some relaxation with synthetic grass!  You’ll have more free time due to the minimal upkeep of a synthetic grass lawn.  Therefore, you can relax more outside instead of dealing with pushing the lawnmower on the weekends.  NexGen Lawns offers super soft artificial turf surfaces to give you a nice quality surface.  This is due to our premium-shaped engineered synthetic blades that are delustered with a low sheen to give you a truly unbelievably realistic look.  In addition to an amazing look, our NGL Royal Lux artificial grass comes with an anti-microbial backing.  This backing helps reduce pet odors, mildew, and mold.

A Multi-Purpose Surface

Our installers can create an outdoor oasis at your home or business to use for a variety of reasons.  Whether you are looking for a place to do yoga, meditate, or exercise, artificial turf has you covered.  The minimal maintenance of artificial turf means you can go outside or even create a place indoors with faux grass to get some relaxation.

Our artificial grass is truly a multi-purpose surface.  This means the children can go outside and play lawn games and the family dog can even have a place to as well.  You won’t have to deal with grass clippings and mud creating a mess in the lawn either.  Instead, you will have a mower-free synthetic lawn; thus, you can have more free time for yourself.  Just a simpler lawn that the whole family and even the family dog can enjoy together.

Give yourself some Relaxation on Synthetic Grass

Synthetic turf creates a perfect family-friendly space for adults and children.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Give yourself some Relaxation on Synthetic Grass

Synthetic grass is highly versatile and offers multiple applications used for a multitude of things.  Maybe you’re ready to create your perfect indoor oasis or looking to bring artificial grass to your yard, patio, or commercial property.  Whatever space, NexGen Lawns offers a wide range of premium artificial grass and artificial turf for all your commercial or residential projects.  We invite you to shop today our selection of synthetic grass products.

Don’t let your business also miss out on the variety of uses with artificial grass.  Let NexGen Lawns help your home or business bring a fun new inviting style design.  Please also give us a call today and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you in your next lawn or business transformation.  Our phone number is 888-844-0672.