Prepare for Spring Games with a Putting Green

A synthetic putting green will help prepare you for the next game or tournament.  Gearing up for games and tournaments appears easy after the installation of a synthetic golfing green.  How so?  After the installation of a synthetic golf green, the golfers’ timeframe to practice is endless.  Instead of having to wait to tee off during specific hours, one can simply just walk outside.  Easy enough, right?  Therefore, no more packing the heavy golf bags and driving to the nearest course available.  A synthetic golfing surface provides you the freedom to play when you want.  You can play early in the morning, midday, or even at night.  There’s no closing time to worry about either.  So now, you can play alone, with family, or invite friends or neighbors over.  The choice now becomes yours when you select NexGen Lawns for the installation of your home putting green.

A synthetic putting green provides versatility in placement for anyone’s backyard.  At NexGen Lawns, we customize each installation to the exact measurements of your space.  While also customizing the surface to your specific golfing needs.  We create one-of-a-kind artificial turf surfaces.  Wooden decks, concrete patios, and lawns list a few of our artificial golfing greens installations.  Artificial turf putting greens enhance the landscape and help you work on your putting skills.

Putting Green

The synthetic golfing surface beautifies the patio and improves golfing skills. Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Low Upkeep with a Putting Green

With the newfound golfing time freedom, you can practice and not worry about intense upkeep.  Synthetic putting green turf requires no mowing, trimming, seeding, or watering.  Additionally, we also provide mess-free sand traps with our bunker turf.  The game of golf doesn’t end in the winter either.  Therefore, golfers have the freedom to play year-round on the always-green synthetic turf.  You have the ability to play when other putting spaces have browned away.  A synthetic putting surface helps to improve and maintain golfing skills.  No matter if you’re a pro or amateur.  Plus, synthetic turf provides a realistic golfing surface with the best ball roll available.

NexGen Lawns synthetic putting turf provides the backyard with the perfect putting green getaway to practice.  Not only that, the stylish putting surface enhances backyard landscaping.  In addition, your new backyard putting surface will look amazing year-round.  We invite you to check out our putting green products available for purchase.  We provide both outdoor and indoor installations of synthetic turf.  Give us a call today to prepare for your next spring game or tournament.