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There are few things as enjoyable as a home putting green. And this is especially the case when your backyard putting green is done right. The backyard putting green should be a place for you to practice your game on a fully complete green. And by complete, we aren’t referring to size alone. 

Adding the right putting green supplies to your home turf makes it personal and more put together. Complete your own artificial putting green through NexGen Lawns putting green accessories.   

Backyard Putting Green Accessories 

We do provide premier synthetic turf, but that’s not all.  

Not only do we offer stunning synthetic grass for putting greens, but we also carry putting green accessories. That way you can golf in the backyard with all the necessities you need for your home putting green, such as heavy-duty putting cups, flags, and poles..   

Our team can complete your putting green whether it’s inside your home, outside, or at a commercial location. This includes driving ranges, golf courses, and teeing areas. 

Buy Putting Green Accessories 

Whether you already have an artificial green in place or looking to add one, NexGen Lawns can help. We can install a simple one-hole green to multiple holes, as well as one with even a bunker. The idea is to create an artificial putting green that meets your needs or wants.  

So, what are you looking for to spruce up your green? Or perhaps you are thinking of items to put around the green for decoration? Maybe even improve the functionality of the space? Whatever is on your mind, we have the golf putting green accessories to accommodate.  

Putting Green Cups 

If you have already picked your turf, the next logical place is the golf cup. We carry durable putting green cups made of molded plastic with reinforced webbing. This webbing works to prevent warping down the road from environmental factors. For instance, heat and rain can cause warping if not taken care of.  

Not only is our cup webbed for reinforcement, but it also doesn’t require maintenance. After all, your synthetic putting green doesn’t require maintenance, and we like to keep it simple.  

They also come in a standard 6” depth, which is beneficial to you and your guests. But you might wonder why it needs to be so deep.  

With 6 inches, you won’t have to empty the cup after each put. Again, whether you are alone or with guests, the constant emptying can disrupt the game. With our 6” cup, you can continue practicing.    

You can easily purchase our putting cups online for your current or new project. Or you can also revitalize your older green. These standard cups are easy to install and can transform your space instantly. And since they come in crisp white, they will always look professional and clean.   

Putting Green Flag Pole 

Let’s face it, when people think of putting greens, they think of the flag and the pin. In fact, this is the same for golf courses as a whole. That flag and the pin represent a goal, as well as an achievement. After installing a putting green cup, it’s time to outfit it with a flag pole.  

NexGen Lawns offers putting green flags for both indoor and outdoor applications. Whether you are thinking one, or perhaps several, we have the putting green supplies you need. Now, you can have the look of golf flags right at home on your green. 

But as a golf enthusiast (or even a casual putter), you know the flag alone is not enough. Don’t worry, as we make it easy to complete your flag with our putting green flag pole set. Our flag pole set includes a metal base, fiberglass flag pole, and flag pole top knob. This set allows you to easily insert or remove the flag pole.   

The flag pole set is a perfect way to complete your practice putting green. So much so that your neighbors might be stopping by more often to get in some fun. And with such a sweet setup, why not?  

And did we mention we can customize the golf flags if you prefer?  After all, what is a private putting green without a personalized golf flag? This is a simple way to really impress your guests. 

Hitting Mats 

If your putting green is part of a driving range, then you might require hitting mats as well. It’s increasingly common that homeowners simply erect a net and strike their golf balls at home.  

It is also increasingly common to turn an indoor room into a driving range. There are all kinds of simulated golf programs these days. All you need is a hitting mat (or several). And of course, they are made with the same quality fibers and textures as our synthetic putting greens. 

Additionally, our mats allow you to place a tee anywhere. This design means they can handle wear very efficiently. You will appreciate this flexibility when your game gets going.  

On the other hand, you might want a hitting mat near your putting green for chipping practice. Putting practice is fun and will give you hours of enjoyment, but why not take the experience up a notch? With a hitting mat in your yard, you can work on your short game as well. 

putting green accessories

Artificial Putting Green Accessories 

Who knew making your putting green so personal was so simple? Thanks to our backyard putting green accessories, it is. Now, your backyard putting green will truly shine with all the accessories available at NexGen Lawns.   

We can also offer expert advice on what to put around your synthetic putting green. We have many customers who have installed putting greens in their backyards. Therefore, we have seen many arrangements. From patios to decks to cigar lounges, there are ways to dress up your putting green. 

While each person is unique, we find that most of our customers like an atmosphere of privacy. At least partial privacy. Items like bushes or half walls are nice dividers, keeping your putting green contained. 

Get Started 

If you already have an artificial putting green in your yard, then you are well on your way. If you are looking to begin the entire process, then you are in the right place. We can help you navigate the entire process to get the putting green you want. From the right size to the right texture to all other details, we have you covered. 

Different ground types or terrains have different needs. For example, we need to put the right materials under your putting green so that it drains properly. Considerations like this play a role in such factors as how much your putting green will cost. They also are reasons why you should turn to the professionals.   

Our team of installation professionals is happy to talk you through the process. They can answer any questions you have and help you navigate your options. Put your mind at ease and let our experts help you design the green of your dreams. 

Accessorize Your Putting Green!  

Browse through our collection of putting green supplies for your putting green cups, flags, and more! Additionally, NexGen Lawns offers realistic-looking synthetic grass for backyard putting greens, hitting mats, and indoor greens.   

Our high quality means you’ll have an amazing surface of synthetic grass for your back lawn putting green. So, call NexGen Lawns whether you need some new accessories or are ready to add a home artificial green.   

You can reach our team at 1-888-844-0672. 

Purchase the best putting green accessories from NexGen Lawns today!