Purchase your Putting Green Accessories at NexGen Lawns

The backyard putting green should be a place for you to practice your game on a fully complete green.  Therefore, complete your own artificial putting green through NexGen Lawns putting green accessories.  Not only do we offer stunning synthetic grass for putting greens, but we also carry putting green accessories.  That way you can golf in the backyard with all the necessities you need for your home putting green.  We carry heavy-duty putting cups, flags, poles, and more to get you started golfing right at home.  Our team can complete your putting green whether it’s inside your home, outside, or at a commercial location.  This includes driving ranges, golf courses, and teeing areas.

putting green accessories

Add a nice touch to your artificial green with NexGen Lawns golf flags.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Buy Putting Green Accessories

Whether you already have an artificial green in place or looking to add one, NexGen Lawns can help.  We can install a simple one-hole green to multiple holes, as well as one with even a bunker.  Therefore, we carry durable putting green cups made of molded plastic with reinforced webbing.  You can easily purchase our putting cups online for your current or new project.  Or revitalize your older green.  In addition to cups, a visual marker helps golfers in knowing where to aim for the course or putting holes.  That’s why NexGen Lawns offers putting green flags for both indoor and outdoor applications.  Now, you can have the look of golf flags right at home on your own green.

Complete your flag with our putting green flag pole set.  Our flag pole set includes a metal base, fiberglass flag pole, and flag pole top knob.  This set allows you to easily insert or remove the flag pole.  A perfect way to complete your practice putting green.  Now, your backyard putting green will truly shine with all the accessories available at NexGen Lawns.  Additionally, we even offer customized golf flags.  Give us a call to learn more!

Browse through our collection of putting green accessories for your putting green cups, flags, and more!  Additionally, NexGen Lawns offers realistic-looking synthetic grass for backyard putting greens, hitting mats, and indoor greens.  Our high quality means you’ll have an amazing surface of synthetic grass for your back lawn putting green.  So, call NexGen Lawns whether you need some new accessories or are ready to add a home artificial green.  You can reach our team at 1-888-844-0672.