Can I put a Playground on Artificial Turf?

Can I put a Playground on Artificial Turf

The space in the lawn where the playground resides can quickly break down.  If you are experiencing a worn-out yard, you might be asking can I put a playground on artificial turf?  Absolutely!  NexGen Lawns provides quality playground turf to residential homes so that children can easily play outside on a full lawn.  Swing sets, trampolines, and other playground equipment need a strong lawn to withstand all the wear from the high activity.  Our highly engineered artificial turf provides a truly durable surface for outside play areas.  In addition to having a lawn that looks nice, you’ll experience some amazing additional benefits that artificial turf provides.

playground on artificial turf

Create a designated play space with the installation of artificial turf.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Additional Benefits of Putting a Playground on Artificial Turf

  1. Less lawn maintenance – Swing sets and playgrounds can become a nuisance to mow around and beneath all the play equipment.  If you have a trampoline, then you have to try to drag and pull the trampoline around to mow the grass underneath.  Instead, artificial turf can relieve you of the tedious task of trying to mow the grass.  Artificial turf provides you with a full lawn that you don’t have to water or fertilizer either.
  2. Mud-Free – Running, jumping, and playing at the playground are all fun things for children to do.  However, if the playground or backyard has mud puddles, these activities quickly turn messy.  Rain showers can leave a yard unusable for days till the water clears and sometimes even longer.  Instead, go with our artificial turf that has a rapid drainage system.  This way children can play outside without the mud soon after it rains.  In addition, no muddy puddles mean there is a low probability of slipping.
  3. Additional Padding – NexGen Lawns has the option of a padded base beneath the artificial turf.  This helps to protect children as they play at the playground with additional padding.  The padding is a polyethylene foam pad that helps cushion the ground.  Therefore, the pad helps absorb shock to give a softer ground.  The highly elastic foam pad even dries fast too!  Children can play outside soon after it rains.
  4. Color, color, color! –  Let’s face it, the ground around and beneath the playground usually becomes bare and lacking color.  However, our strong fake grass provides a full green surface for the space underneath and around the playground.  Our installers can place colorful fake grass throughout your entire yard or just the area of the lawn where the play equipment resides.  Thinking of something other than green for a playful play spot?  Then, check out our play time color options of artificial turf to give a burst of color.

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Remember, the answer is yes if you are wondering can I put a playground on artificial turf!  Don’t wait any longer; call the professionals at NexGen Lawns to get started installing artificial grass at your home.  In the meantime, you can view our selection of artificial turf for playgrounds in our store.   If you are looking for artificial turf for your business, park, or school – we have you covered too!  Our professional team members have remodeled numerous daycares and schools and can remodel yours with our low-maintenance and child-friendly artificial grass.