Gear Up for Recess with Playground Artificial Grass

It’s official, the school bells have rung for many schools for the start of the new school season. For many kids, the excitement of outdoor physical activity which helps to exercise their bodies and give them a fun play break from learning is also what they look forward to as they head back to school. As children are pouring back to school, is your school or daycare’s outdoor playground ready for the next school year? Gear up for recess with playground artificial grass.  Recess, playtime, outdoor break, whatever it might be you call it – NexGen Lawns has you covered this school season with playground artificial grass. Our artificial turf playground grass is also the perfect surface to keep up with energetic children as they run and explore the outdoors.

Not only will kids love it, but teachers and caregivers will, therefore, love not having to cancel recess time for days for wet and muddy ground conditions caused by the rain. Our synthetic turf grass dries quickly through our drainage system for children to have their much-needed outdoor recess time.

gear recess playground artificial grassChildren will love the soft and playful artificial playground grass at recess time. Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Playground Artificial Grass is Fun & Provides a Safe Surface

Kids can also use their never-ending imagination through our fun and colorful synthetic turf options. Instead of having a brown and hard dirt ground, every season children will have a colorful green landscape to play in. And green isn’t the only color option! We carry multiple colors to incorporate fun design schemes and shapes throughout the play area. Our artificial turf grass is highly durable for constant foot traffic and is still soft to the touch. The perfect solution for any outdoor children’s playground from schools to backyards! To ensure children’s safety, NexGen Lawns carries a selection of playground turf grass with foam padding.  This padding helps to keep kids safe as they play outside on the cushioned ground.  Parents will feel relieved knowing their kids will be playing on a safe surface while away at school.

The benefits of choosing NexGen Lawns’ artificial grass turf means there is no mowing, watering, or applying toxic fertilizers. The costs of lawn maintenance now will greatly reduce, and kids will love no downtime for lawn maintenance. Are you ready to provide your playground with a year-round play space? Then, give us a call today at 1-888-844-0672 to schedule your artificial playground grass installation.