Looking for Pet-Friendly Fake Grass?

Pet Friendly Fake Grass in Nashville

Are you looking for pet-friendly fake grass for your home or business? Artificial grass has been changing homes with a beautiful lawn that is low maintenance. However, artificial grass also provides a pet-friendly fake grass surface with the same minimal maintenance. This is why many dog owners have purchased artificial turf for the backyard, dog run, and other spaces. NexGen Lawns can remodel your current space with durable synthetic dog turf; therefore, you can start enjoying the great benefit of a mower-free lawn. Additionally, fake turf requires no watering and you don’t have to have the hassle of edging the lawn. Artificial turf offers you that clean look of a trimmed lawn without all the work. Instead, you’ll have more time for a game of go fetch with your pup!

Beautiful Pet-Friendly Fake Grass

This gorgeous lawn above is equipped with NGL Pet Turf. As you can see, the artificial turf looks realistic due to our high-quality pet turf. Side lawns oftentimes struggle to keep grass growing due to the shade. This can leave you left with a section of your lawn that goes unused or just left bare. However, artificial turf provides you with a full lawn again that you can utilize all year. This lawn now looks complete with a green space that is dog-friendly. The artificial turf is even aesthetically pleasing with curves around the landscaping beds. Our professionals can install fake turf around your trees, landscaping, patios, and more for a beautiful faux lawn piece that the dog can use.

The NGL pet turf that was installed comes with “W” shaped engineered blades that have cool fiber technology. This technology helps to lower surface temperatures to keep the turf cooler, which is helpful for the summer months. Additionally, the beautiful fake grass has UV protection to protect against color change. The artificial turf also does not discolor when exposed to pet urine. This means no ugly yellow pee circles throughout the lawn. Instead, you and your dog can have a green fake grass lawn to enjoy together for many years to come. Our pet turf provides a lawn that’s easy to clean and also quadrupled hole punched for increased drainage. Thus, this means both dog urine and rainwater quickly drain, which even helps to reduce smells.

Contact NexGen Lawns for Artificial Turf for Dogs

Whether you have one dog, multiple dogs, or even a dog-focused business – contact NexGen Lawns for your purchase and installation of artificial turf for dogs. NexGen Lawns offers dog-friendly artificial turf made of high quality and lead-free. We carry a variety of pet grass for both residential and commercial locations, call us at 888-844-0672 to learn more.