Refresh the Lawn with PE-51 Pet Odor Cleaner

Whew, what’s that smell?? Have artificial turf at your home or office that might be in need of a refresher? Check out NexGen Lawns pet odor cleaner and deodorizer, PE-51! We like to keep any upkeep simple and PE-51 cleaner provides just that. Why be bogged down with any unwanted smelly lawns, especially from potty breaks. This also is an all-natural product that deodorizes the artificial turf surface.  Therefore, leaving a refreshing and clean surface. And we do mean refreshing!

The PE-51 cleaner and deodorizer simply attaches directly to your water hose. Once attached to the nozzle of your water hose just spray the product easily across your artificial lawn surface to neutralize any unwanted odors. The powerful product deodorizes any smelly pet odors and also leaves behind a nice fresh grass scent. Refresh lawn pe51 pet odor. No more smelly lawns for your family and pets. Simply, attach, spray, and enjoy a cleaner lawn!

refresh lawn pe51 pet odorThe PE-51 cleaner gives the whole family, especially pets a rejuvenated clean lawn without the pet odors. Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

How Does PE-51 Pet Odor Cleaner Work?

PE-51 is an all-natural and non-toxic product made from high-quality live liquid enzymes. The live liquid enzymes work by reducing the oxygen demand and preventing the formation of hydrogen sulfide. It neutralizes those pesky pet odors in artificial grass to leave you with a smell-good lawn. This natural product is completely safe for both kids and pets.  Additionally, the worry about applying highly toxic and harmful lawn chemicals to combat smells and pests is completely gone. With PE-51 cleaner and deodorizer, the product is also environmentally friendly. The fret of any over-spraying onto surrounding items is not a concern with this safe and natural product. The enzymes will not harm any nearby trees or plants.

Refresh the lawn with PE51 pet odor cleaner.  Use the PE-51 product on any artificial grass surfaces that might need cleaning and deodorizing from backyards, dog runs, kennels, parks, playgrounds, putting greens, pool surrounds, and more. Don’t wait any longer to refresh and clean your turf surface! We carry two PE-51 artificial grass cleaners for purchase. First, is the 32-ounce turf cleaner bottle, and the second is the combo pack of a 32-ounce bottle and 1-gallon refill of deodorizer turf and cleaner.  Additionally, for any questions on using PE-51 pet odor cleaner on your own artificial grass surface, call our synthetic grass team at NexGen Lawns today at 1-888-844-0672.