Keep the Green with Patio Grass for Dogs

If you’re a pet parent, then you know keeping the patio tidy with a dog can be difficult.  Our lovable dogs no matter, if they are large or small, can quickly wear the grass.  Their active paws can tear up the grass leaving only dirt behind.  However, patio grass for dogs gives both you and your pet a tidy patio to enjoy together.  Faux grass can transform your patio from a worn-out space to a full and lush surface.

Or if your patio is only concrete, faux grass can spruce up the boring space into a colorful area.  Why keep the hard dull concrete patio?  Instead, patio grass for dogs covers up the gray to leave a soft green faux surface.  Synthetic patio grass is extremely helpful for dog parents who only have a patio and no lawn.  The pet turf gives you an instant lawn directly over your patio.  If you have a wooden patio, NexGen Lawns can apply synthetic grass over the deck too.  Therefore, whichever the patio surface – synthetic grass can liven it up.

patio grass for dogs

A faux grass patio will give you and the dog a gorgeous surface.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Patio Grass for Dogs is Easy

The thought of having to care for regular grass can be overwhelming.  Especially if you own a dog or multiple dogs.  Patio grass for dogs through NexGen Lawns gives you a truly easy space.  You can have the simple joys of watching the dog run around the patio, without having to tend to the maintenance.  Faux lawn grass means you have no watering, trimming, or fertilizers to put down.  The zero fertilizing applications help keep your dog safe from coming in contact with hazardous chemicals.  Plus, your dogs’ tender paws will have a softer lawn surface all year.  The browned-away winter grass will be no more through synthetic grass.  Instead, pups can run freely around the patio that stays green.

Patio grass for dogs offers not only green space but also a clean space.  Faux grass doesn’t leave the patio covered in grass clippings, dirt, or mud.  Instead, rainwater and even pet urine flow quickly through to leave behind a dry patio.  No dirty dogs covered in mud, grass, or dirt.  This also gives everyone cleaner feet coming back inside without the dirt or mud.  If you’re tired of a dull or messy patio, change it up with pet grass.  We offer full fake grass installation services for both home patios and commercial patios.  Call 1-888-844-0672 to learn more.