Outdoor Turf for Dogs Solves Messy Lawn Problems

Our four-legged best friends bring us dog owners so much joy and laughter; however, their playful paws create quite the messy lawn problems. Outdoor turf for dogs solves messy lawn problems. Dogs of all ages and all sizes can dig up and turn a green lawn to yellow quickly. Owning multiple furry pets magnifies the breakdown of the backyard. Dogs enjoy running outside, which can create ruts and mud pits.

These rough ruts and muddy lawns are a disaster to try to contend with keeping the grass growing and staying green. Yards are already difficult enough to try to keep up with the constant lawn care demands. Why mess with all the lawn fuss, when outdoor turf for dogs keeps the lawn looking green all year. Unlike grass yards that break down swiftly, artificial turf keeps up with active dog paws. Also, the highly durable turf fibers are even kid-friendly too! It’s the perfect outdoor lawn solution that the whole family can use together.

outdoor turf dogs solves messy lawn problemsArtificial turf lawns create the best dog runs and play areas for pets. Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Outdoor Turf for Dogs Keeps the Lawn Dry

NexGen Lawns’ artificial dog turf is the ideal solution for lawns of all shapes and sizes. Our turf specialists measure your lawn and landscape around trees and garden beds to create a well-manicured yard. We can remodel the entire lawn or just a specified location for the dog.  The end result is a beautiful lawn or dog run that dries fast without the mud. NexGen Lawns carries artificial grass that is equipped with an advanced drainage system. The drainage system moves water below the turf surface quickly to provide a fast-drying lawn. It’s the perfect turf to put down to create a soft playful lawn that doesn’t require all the care like grass.

Outdoor turf for dogs solves messy lawn problems for both homes and businesses.  Additionally, artificial grass requires no trimming of any kind and doesn’t need to be watered. This means children and pets can play all year and never have muddy feet or muddy paws.  Adults will also love having a mud-free home without the chore of wiping feet and paws off.

NexGen Lawns’ artificial grass offers use across the entire lawn, backyards, around pools, dog runs, playgrounds, and parks. We carry a variety of outdoor turf for dogs available to purchase online. Our artificial grass is 100% lead-free and contains ultraviolet inhibitors for UV protection to keep yarn from fading. So, contact NexGen Lawns artificial grass professionals to learn more about providing the very best for your dog and lawn at 1-888-844-0672.