Reduce Grass Allergies with NexGen Lawns Outdoor Artificial Turf

Are you or a family member tired of nasal congestion, sinus pressure, sneezing, running nose, and watery red eyes?  Then, you or a family member is one of the millions of Americans with springtime allergies.  Allergies make even the slightest movement of our body just feel absolutely miserable, which impacts our daily lives.  NexGen Lawns is here to help alleviate allergies by diminishing grass pollen with outdoor artificial turf.  Pollen will still be in the air from the neighboring trees or grasses, but artificial grass does not produce pollen.

Outdoor Artificial Turf Reduces Pollens & Provides More Free-Time

Grass allergies can be truly miserable from keeping you up with nasal issues.  This can bother you while you sleep, work, or play.  Instead, offer yourself a lawn with reduced allergies by eliminating the regular grass.  Opting for artificial turf reduces the pollen since there is no pollen with artificial fibers, so you can have more free time to utilize how you want.  Now, you won’t have to worry about trying to mow with grass allergies!  Artificial grass looks amazing throughout our realistic appearing fake grass fibers.  Whether you have a small lawn or a larger space, NexGen Lawns can install outdoor artificial turf at your home.

outdoor artificial turfThe whole family and even the dog will love their reduced allergens with a new outdoor artificial turf lawn.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

NexGen Lawns’ premier artificial grass lawn systems also help to aid in reducing the nuisance of grass allergies and also provide you more personal time for productivity or pleasure. Reducing the grass pollen count outside your home with fake grass also helps the inside of your home! Fewer pollen spores are therefore brought into your home from your shoes, clothing, hair, and even on the dog.  Dogs can also experience allergies causing them to itch and scratch at their sensitive skin.  To start today on reducing pollen spores, shop our turf prices easily through our store.  For any questions about starting today to enjoy a lawn with artificial grass installed, you can reach turf experts at 1-(888)-844-0672.