Miniature Golf on Artificial Turf is Great for the Whole Family

Everyone loves to play the amusing game of miniature golf on artificial turf!  It’s a chance for all ages to get out and enjoy the simplicity of good ol’ fun together with some healthy competition.  Why not bring that fun directly to your own home?  NexGen Lawns installs home putting greens with amazing artificial turf for golf.  Miniature golf offers a great activity for everyone to do whether old or young.  Perfect for evenings, weekends, and daytime gatherings with friends and family.

We can help you in designing a putting green just for your space.  Whether you want a green outside over the patio, on the lawn, or even indoors.  We carry a large selection of different synthetic grass to cover your golfing needs.  In addition, our team installs the synthetic grass green and has the accessories needed to go along with it.  The professional installers at NexGen Lawns have your putting green completely covered.

Miniature Golf on Artificial Turf is Easy

The thought of owning your own putting green should give you peace of mind knowing it’s low maintenance.  Unlike grass which involves heavy maintenance to keep it looking and playing well.  You won’t have to have the job of carefully trimming the grass, keeping it well-watered, or fertilizing.  Therefore, this is why artificial turf is easy for homeowners.  No contending with wasting your precious free time manicuring your putting green.  Instead, artificial turf provides you with a minimal maintenance green that’s ready for use.  Plus, you can play anytime you want when it’s at your own home!  Call your family, friends, or neighbors up and start playing around of golf at your home when you decide.

miniature golf on artificial turf

This beautiful artificial mini golf green offers a place to practice at home. Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Check out our portfolio for some ideas to add to your home!  Then, call  NexGen Lawns to help you enjoy golf on your own miniature golf on artificial turf.  Why stop at just the simplicity of a putting green?  Our artificial turf installers can completely remodel your entire lawn with synthetic grass.  That way you can enjoy all the wonderful benefits of having a low-maintenance surface for your whole lawn.  That way you’ll free up more spare time to practice your swing since you won’t be wasting your time mowing the grass.  Please give us a call today and one of our representatives will be happy to assist you in purchasing artificial grass.  You can also send us an email anytime with our online form.