Experience a Lush Lawn with Artificial Grass

Achieving the perfect lawn is a constant chore with all the duties of mowing, watering, and fertilizing. Experience a lush lawn with artificial grass. Just when you think you have a full green lawn, your lawn begins to fade away and thin out. If your backyard is full of beautiful trees, trying to get grass to grow underneath is nearly impossible. The shaded area lacks the sunlight needed and the grass has to compete against the trees for water. This leaves you with high water bills and a spotted lawn.  Or just bare spots around your mature trees.

During rainy seasons, the shaded area of the lawn lacks drainage and sunlight leaving a wet and muddy lawn. This mud is especially a hassle when you have kids at home wanting to play outside or pets needing their daily exercise and bathroom breaks. Lawn care is extremely frustrating and tiresome, and you can rid yourself of the lawn woes with residential artificial grass. Artificial grass gives you the weekends back from having to do lawn chores and reduces your water bill through a waterless lawn solution. You will never have to mow, water, seed, or fertilize your lawn again!

Experience lush lawn artificial grass. Just when you think you have a full green lawn, your NexGen Lawns’ artificial grass provides an amazing green lawn even in the hard-to-grow shady areas of the yard. Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Artificial Grass is Soft & Realistic

Many homeowners when looking at lawn solutions wonder about the look and feel of artificial grass. We invite you to feel for yourself the difference in our synthetic grass fibers. You’ll be amazed at the unbelievably realistic look due to our low sheen and delustered fibers. Our highly durable synthetic fibers are strong yet soft to the touch, which is perfect for children, grandchildren, and pets to play across. To provide you with the best and protect you and your loved ones with a safe environment, our synthetic grass is 100% lead-free. Our highly durable artificial grass comes also manufactured with ultraviolet-inhibited polyethylene fibers for UV protection.

Experience a Lush Lawn with Artificial Grass

Through our soft and realistic synthetic grass lawn solution, you’ll also enjoy a mud-free lawn. Those difficult-to-grow spaces along the sides of your home and underneath trees will now be full and lush. Underneath our premium synthetic grass, is our highly advanced drainage system that quickly drains water to provide a drier lawn. If you are ready to learn more about an experience of a lush lawn through NexGen Lawns – then, please call us at 1-888-844-0672. In the meantime, check out our artificial grass for sale today!