Are you looking for the Best Grass for Dogs?

When caring for our pets, pet owners expect only the best grass for dogs. After making the smart decision of being a dog owner, the next is providing and nurturing your new lovable pet. Dogs spend countless hours outside for playtime and potty breaks. What goes underneath their sensitive paws while outside is also an important decision. Regular grass fades away, breaks down, and yellows with pet waste.

Dogs are also left with ruts and mud pits to try to exercise upon, which is hazardous for falls and trips. Muddy lawns also travel into homes on shoes and paws, leaving disasters to constantly clean. Gravel and concrete runs are also hard and hurtful on pet feet and unsightly. The best grass for dogs is ideally synthetic grass. NexGen Lawns’ fake grass for dogs is built tough for active playful dogs and helps to deter digging. Our pet-friendly turf easily washes clean of any pet waste and does not yellow.

best grass for dogsNexGen Lawns dog runs provide a beautiful green outdoor space for pets that don’t brown.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Experience the Best Grass for Dogs

NexGen Lawns dog turf is mud-free! Mother Nature’s rain leaves dog owners’ lawns left with a muddy mess. NexGen Lawns’ synthetic grass dog runs are mud-free. Dogs, kids, and adults can also play outside without the mess of wiping their feet and paws off. Our artificial grass dries fast and leaves the grounds clean! Besides no more mud, our synthetic grass for dogs means the chore of mowing the lawn is eliminated.

Our synthetic grass fibers come built strong and soft to always leave the look of a freshly cut lawn without any of the work. Lastly, dogs experience grass allergies just like us. Many dogs with grass allergies also develop rashes across their skin causing them to itch, bite, scratch, and lick their skin. The constant itching from skin allergies rashes can create sores and lesions. Thus, to help protect your pets’ skin, synthetic grass reduces grass allergies to give them relief.

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Give your pet a safe and clean yard for you both to enjoy all year without the work. NexGen Lawns artificial grass is lead-free, non-toxic, pet, and kid-friendly. We carry and install artificial dog grass for yards, dog runs, and kennels. Dogs will love their professionally installed NexGen Lawns’ artificial grass dog run! Contact NexGen Lawns pet grass professionals to provide the very best for your pet and lawn at 1-888-844-0672.