Give your Lake Home Maintenance-Free Artificial Grass

Do you have a lakefront property, a cabin, or a vacation home?  Are you tired of caring or paying to take care of the lawn?  Then, it’s time to consider installing NexGen Lawns premium artificial grass for your family property!  Many families love to retreat to the family lake house or condo throughout the year. Many do it to get away and enjoy their time without worrying or doing chores.  But, how many enjoy every time you go to relax when you also have to take care of the landscaping maintenance?  Or worry about if the grass is overgrown over the colder months when no one’s around?

Therefore, now is the perfect time to call NexGen Lawns to remodel your vacation home with our superior artificial grass.  We will provide your family vacation home with a year-round perfected lawn with synthetic grass!  Therefore, no more family members or paid lawn care crew that have to care for space.  You can rest assured knowing your faux grass will greet you without the tedious lawn chores of mowing.  NexGen Lawns can create beautifully sculpted patios, rooftops, decks, and balconies for your home, lake property, or condo.

Lake Home Artificial Grass Offers Softness

Many lake properties and cabins have highly shaded lawns that erode and leave unwelcoming patchy grass spots.  Some might only have wooden decks or patios. They can be dangerous for young children playing with nails sticking out or painful splinters.  With NexGen Lawns’ artificial grass, the hard-to-maintain areas will also look beautifully maintained without muddy footprints tracked inside!  By installing new soft faux grass across wood deckings that warp and peel, everyone’s feet will therefore always be treated to cushy and safe flooring. It’s time to give yourself and your family a break from the tedious work and costs of lawn care and truly enjoy your time away.

Give your Lake Home MaintenanceLet your vacation home greet you year-round with immaculate faux grass.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

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NexGen Lawns’ highly knowledgeable and skilled staff can remodel your personal home, lake property, or condo with a wide variety of premium artificial grass selections.  Please give us a call today and one of our professional team members will be happy to assist you in your next outdoor lawn makeover.  You can reach NexGen Lawns at our office phone number is 888-844-0672.  You can also email us anytime with our online form.  Give yourself a new year of true relaxation at the family’s vacation home by also choosing to install quality synthetic grass today!