Relax on Labor Day with an Artificial Grass Patio

Happy Labor Day from all of us at NexGen Lawns to you and your family! Labor Day artificial grass should be a time to relax away from work and enjoy visiting with family and friends. Many homeowners enjoy Labor Day weekend with cookouts, BBQs, and backyard fun. But who wants to spend Labor Day weekend trying to prepare for backyard hangouts with annoying lawn chores? Let’s be honest, mowing the lawn either with a push lawn mower or a riding lawn mower is time-consuming. And just when you finish with the lawnmower, it’s time to get out the dreaded weed eater and edger to clean the lawn edges. Instead of sweating it out with all the different lawn equipment, you could take the pleasure of knowing your patio will be ready for backyard gatherings and grill-outs with an artificial grass patio.

relax labor day artificial grassCookouts and family time will be made easy with an effortless synthetic grass patio solution. Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

An Artificial Grass Patio is Effortless & Simple

Once you’ve made the decision to choose an artificial grass backyard, patio, or deck – the rest is simple. Artificial grass gives homes and condos a clean-cut grass experience all year without the lawn chores to-do list. Relax this Labor Day on artificial grass, there will be no need for a lawnmower, edger, or weed eater because the lawn will seem clean-cut and edged. No matter what time of the year from Labor Day to Thanksgiving the lawn will be ready for fun. In addition, the fake grass will keep green too!  NexGen Lawns artificial grass is also kid and pet-friendly!  That way you’ll have the perfect family-friendly lawn for your holidays.

Call us to Relax on Labor Day with Artificial Grass

Everyone will love the soft feel of synthetic fibers under their feet or paws. Our artificial grass fibers come treated with ultraviolet degradation keeping the turf fibers from fading or cracking in the sun.

NexGen Lawns can change your backyard patio, deck, or lawn into an effortless and simple lawn.  Simply through the look of artificial grass. Our synthetic grass can easily install onto concrete patios or wooden decks to provide a green landscape no matter the size. We carry a wide variety of premium artificial turf patio selections for both residential homes and commercial properties. If you’re after relaxing more and enjoying a waterless lawn, call our turf pros and start designing your own landscape with synthetic grass at 1-888-844-0672.