Keep Lawns Staying Green in the Heat with Synthetic Turf Grass

It’s official, the dog days of summer have been bearing down on us! With triple-digit temperatures scorching lawns, trying to keep lawns staying green and full is near impossible. No matter how much water is wasted to keep up with the intense heat, many lawns are browning and fading away fast. Thus, the only thing left is a water-guzzling lawn just soaking up your water bill. NexGen Lawns synthetic turf grass is the perfect solution to provide a realistic-looking full and thick lawn.

On hot days, you can sit back and view a lawn with radiant green grass and no lawn work required out in the heat. You’ll never have to water or cut your grass again once you’ve made the switch to a NexGen Lawns synthetic grass lawn solution.  Instead, you can use less water outdoors when you invest in a synthetic lawn for your home.  Keep lawns staying green and, you’ll love seeing a reduced water bill each month!

keep lawns staying greenNexGen Lawns’ synthetic grass solution provides an always full green yard without any brown spots or patches. Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

NexGen Lawns Synthetic Turf Grass Stays Full All Year

Once you’ve made the smart decision to install synthetic grass for your lawn, summertime won’t be the only season you’ll experience a beautiful lawn. A synthetic grass lawn stays perfectly manicured through every season with no maintenance needed. The sweaty hot lawn chores will be a thing of the past. In the spring and fall time, instead of a soggy lawn full of mud – you’ll have a clean lawn and a mud-free house! There will be no more mowing, watering, laying seed, or toxic lawn chemical applications to ever worry about again. Our synthetic fibers provide a beautiful yard that is built tough and durable, yet is soft to the touch.  Additionally, the soft fibers are child and pet-friendly. They can withstand high foot traffic or paw traffic, giving kids and pets a year-round outdoor play area.

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Check out for yourself NexGen Lawns’ high-quality synthetic turf grass and artificial turf available for purchase. Our artificial grass is highly versatile in a multitude of spaces for both residential and commercial properties. With an unlimited amount of design options, any space can improve and offer maintenance-free for a year-round beautiful landscape. You can reach NexGen Lawns artificial grass professionals at 1-88-844-0672 to enjoy all the benefits synthetic turf can add to your commercial or personal property.