How to Purchase a Backyard Putting Green?

If you love playing golf or striving to up your game, why not bring the joy of playing right to your own home?  A synthetic grass backyard putting green allows for an amazing putting green in the lawn.  NexGen Lawns brings you a variety of synthetic grass putting options to choose from to create a one-of-a-kind putting green just for you.  If the benefit of having your own green at home sounds great, you might ask, how to purchase a backyard putting green.  Well, that is simple with the expert team at NexGen Lawns.

Our staff is ready to complete your lawn with a custom synthetic putting green.  We are here to discuss your space and what type of green you are looking to have installed.  Whether that is a multi-hole green, one with a sand trap, or bunker turf, we are equipped to give you the best.  Our installers work across different spaces from installing on the lawn, over decks, and even rooftops.  Thus, you have the possibility of playing golf in a variety of areas.  In addition, our team can even provide you with an indoor home putting green.  That way you can play golf inside your home and out of the elements.  No rain or cold weather to keep you from playing golf. how to purchase a backyard putting green

Add a beautiful synthetic putting green to the lawn even next to the pool for a fun backyard.  Photo Credit: NexGen Lawns

Contact NexGen Lawns for how to purchase a backyard putting green

Once you have decided what time of putting green you want and which infill you prefer, our professionals can walk you through the next steps.  Whether you want fringe around your putting green or want a sand trap, our installers have you covered.  We will come out to take measurements for your green and prepare your lawn for installation.  Then, our installers will install your putting green and leave you left with a fantastic green.  NexGen Lawns’ artificial grass comes with high quality to give you an excellent green to play golf.  Therefore, you will experience a realistic-looking putting green with a great ball roll.  Artificial grass provides a premium surface with minimal maintenance.  You won’t have the chores of keeping the green well-manicured with trimming and watering.  Instead, you’ll have more time to swing and perfect your golfing form.

We invite you to browse through our artificial grass for putting greens available to purchase.  Additionally, we install synthetic grass putting greens at commercial properties as well.  Our installers provide putting greens for both outdoor and indoor use.  Give us a call to discuss your purchase of a backyard putting green today at 888-844-0672.